February 04, 2019

5 Best Books for Learning Mindfulness Meditation

Every once in a season, I stumble upon a book that I fathom would be just perfect for someone who is new to or just starting to hit on mindfulness.

I have meticulously listed a few books that serve a perfect guide for a beginner’s mind in mindfulness. Each of these books has its own flavor to ease you into mindfulness meditation. They are an all fantastic must-read. You will unveil it for yourself.

1. 10% Happier by Dan Harris

In this book, Dan has highlighted a lot many times about how the modern world and society keek us into stress and anxiety. Whilst they do their designated job, we, as human beings, shouldn’t fall prey to it, instead understand the situation of the life. This book importantly tells us that whatever life may throw at us, we should first understand ourselves and respond to the situation rather than reacting to it.

We should open our minds and see what it has got to tell us. He has proved at every instance that meditation makes his life happier by 10% and that’s why he is so sure at telling us to try.

2. Waking Up by Sam Harris

Admittedly, Sam’s book is a little harder to understand. Though the English is direct, the concept is what that requires us to open our minds to leading into comprehension. And for someone who has never run through mindfulness meditation before, it is indeed a task and would require that extra effort to understand. And, with all that difficulty,  I am still sure that this is an incredible book to read as soon as possible on in your meditation journey.

He brings the light on the topic of the ‘self’ and how deceiving that it. The ‘self’ keeps us fixed in a realm of dissatisfaction and misdirected thinking. He says that by practicing meditation, we can certainly ‘wake up’ from this state of dissatisfaction and truly live our life.

3. The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

All of us have a self dramatic monologue that chatters incessantly, the entire day, like clock. This inner voice is always rambling, whether we listen to it or not, changing how we examine our lives, and very close to impossible in shutting off.

The prime step towards an immuned life is understanding that this is perpetual. Upon realization, you can then pause, breathe, step back, and view your pattern of thoughts from a totally new dimension.

This book is the most recommended for anyone wanting to terminate the never-ending thoughts in their head, surpass their ego, and get a hold on their anxiety in this process of transformation.

The famous quote that brought many applauses for this book is that your thoughts do not define you, they are simply outputs of an always active mind.

4. Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness was initially practiced by the Buddhists. In fact is it absolutely right that it was the Buddhists who spread mindfulness to the common people. Luckily, thanks to those writers and photographers who published it on the internet. While mindfulness meditation may be a primordial Buddhist practice, it doesn’t just fall under the radar of the Buddhists. Mindfulness is about waking up and shouting peace and happiness to the world around you. And most importantly, living in peace, serenity, and harmony with the self.

As you rightly know, everything starts at home, and as far as mindfulness is concerned, ‘you’ are the home.

When you read this book, you would see for yourself that Jon Kabat-Zinn has furnished chapter-by-chapter peeks into many facets of mindfulness. It is an arduous practice about letting go, being kind, empathetic, stoical, non-judgmental, and embracing the present moment.

By the time you reach the zenith of the book, you would have become more pleasant in your own skin.

5. The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle

What kind of a mindfulness meditation book list would it be without ‘The Power of Now’? The topic itself is so compelling that you definitely want to earmark in your ‘must-read’ list.

The message the writer of this book delivers is how important and mandatory is living ‘in the now’.  This is a common concept that many adept meditation practitioners comprehend in unison, however, the same that the beginner’s fear. Eckart Tolle’s fervor and intelligible, empathetic voice are what that makes this book project and alter for good the lives of those who have decided to read it.

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