Live a stress free life with keeping meditation in your daily routine
January 05, 2019

Bust your stress with Meditation

Meditation, Meditation, Meditation everywhere!

What is Meditation?

It is simply being present in the moment and accepting the present situation, no matter what comes. It is not avoiding the thoughts that approach us but to acknowledge those thoughts and simply put it aside and continue with the good deeds. It is purely an awareness and an attention training to the mind.

How do you be present in the present?

It takes a lot of practice and perseverance to train and guide your mind to realize the present situation and act accordingly rather than succumbing to the decisions of your mind. Meditation, upon religious and regular practice daily, will teach your mind to be present in the present and comprehend what is happening in and around you, ergo helping you in making clear and informed decisions, a better understanding of the situation, building empathy and accepting the fact that everyone has their own point of view through which they talk or react, making you compassionate, building complacency, shaping you into a good human being, promising good health and lots more of good things like these.

Why Meditation?

In the fast-moving world, life is full of roller coaster rides daily. People of all ages – from kids to teens to adults to elders – are affected by something happening either within them or around them. Gifted are those who don’t take much to their heart and take it easy, but the majority is contrary to this character where they either take it personally and whine about it or they take personally and build vengeance towards that person.

Not just this, this accumulated stress and negative feeling over days and weeks and months will start taking a toll on the person’s character and gradually deviate from the thinking process thus hindering all the goodness. The person will start developing evil thoughts and will feel bad and anxious for anything and everything that happens to them. And the other kinds of demotivation and stress that build up at work due to work pressure and other things will also have a negative effect on the brain.

Stress has its many forms and its multiple. There is no particular form of stress, however, any stress affects the mind and the body. Simply put, any kind of mental illness that keeps the mind occupied with negativity thus hampering the brain from thinking anything is Stress.

And this answers the question as to – Why Meditation?

Yes, Meditation is the gateway to enter into our own mind and see for ourselves as to how it works, accepts information, perceives the external happenings, react to the situation and finally what we invite for us, in both good and at bad times. The daily dose of meditation will help us identify and analyze the own self and it will also help us in the process of cleansing our mind and the body from any negative energy.

When practice meditation?

The best part with Meditation is we don’t need to have a designated time or a place in the beginning until we decide what kind of meditation types are we going to adopt and practice. Eventually, the time needs to get fixed once we have identified the meditation of our choice but again place is not mandatory as long as we are comfortable and enough to keep us concentrated. Sitting in a comfortable position with a comfortable dress is all that we need for meditation. There are different kinds of meditation and every meditation demands the same basic thing – to be mindful of the present and watch the breath. In addition to the basic things, each meditation has its own form and ways to practice.

What are the different kinds of meditation?

  • Mindfulness meditation: This is the most common form of meditation where you just need to be aware of your breath and concentrate on every inhale and exhale.
  • Focused meditation: This is similar to mindfulness meditation whereas you get the option to put your complete focus on any of the five senses.
  • Movement meditation: This is a kind of meditation where you inhale calmness in any kind of movement that you are involved in – walking in a park, gardening, cycling, swimming, etc.
  • Spiritual meditation: The kind of meditation where your mind is given an opportunity to pose all questions to you and you realize them and answer one by one thus going into peace with your mind.
  • Mantra meditation: The most preached meditation where one is asked to continuously chant some mantra – most common, Ohm –and focus on the internal vibrations when producing the sound.
  • Transcendental meditation: Similar to mantra meditation, transcendental meditation holds fame for the individual attention it gives. The people who practice this type of meditation are given exclusive mantras to chant based on their birth time, star, etc.

Having known about the meditation and its different kinds, let’s now get into reading the different ways to manage Stress and understand the role of Meditation in Stress Management.

+ Stick to a regime

It is highly important to follow a routine daily – no exceptions on weekends too. This practice of sticking to a regime will make us very disciplined and inhibit in us the habit of time management. I understand motivation wards off sometime after reading the post, nevertheless, if we are determined to stick to a routine and practice that, it will help us grow in life. Sticking to a regime will help us allocate time for everything that we want to do and achieve in life and also help us in focusing the other important things which otherwise would get very stressful.

+ Wake up early

Hold your horses, for those of you who are already freaking out reading the bullet. I’d like to go by the saying “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” and it is so damn true. All the famous and winners today are practitioners of this saying. As daunting as it may sound, once we get used to which I’m certain is a very challenging task, it is going to be very helpful and life changing eventually. So we have got to hold our horses until we start seeing the benefits.

+ Make a to-do list

The habit of writing or journaling down everything that we want to complete on that day is a very good practice and we will realize it when we start seeing the good things that would come our way after having followed it. It will not only help us in understanding our goals but will also get us so organized and clear in our thought process and everything we do. This is a remarkable way of staying pinpoint focussed and keeping our mind free from thinking too much. There will be no room for any kind of thoughts in a busy mind as opposed to an empty mind.

+ Accept and face challenges

Easier said than done, right?

Challenges are those that would keep us going and motivated to push us out of our boundary. When we find ourselves in a bad or an unpleasant situation, our mind immediately starts processing in a jiffy to get ourselves out of the situation. Unless we are matured enough for having trained our mind to slow down the process of thinking and analyze good and bad in the process of escaping us out from the situation, we are certainly going to invite some consequences of that. So it is necessary to welcome and solve new challenges as much as possible and this method of solving new challenges daily will train our mind and nerves enough to resilience and face anything boldly and strongly.

+ Taking care of self

Yes, there is a family for each of us or a guardian who will take care of us outwardly. However, internally we have to get ourselves strong and healthy so as to fight for our survival and live peacefully and happily. By taking care, I meant to stay happy and hydrated always which will flush out all toxins from within and give room for fresh energy to enter.

+ Relax

Staying relaxed in any situation is an art that each of us should master. It is going to be deadly hard but worth taking the chance. Understanding the situation and accepting the reality is the first step towards training our relax muscles. Taking a nap or deep breathing will help us handle the situation at a slower yet focussed state. So, relax and demote your stress.

+ Adopt good eating habits

Good eating habits are a great way to beat stress. Having healthy foods throughout the day will keep us fresh and focused thus moving us away from getting stressed. Healthy foods are a great way to keep the mind fresh.

Wondering, where has Meditation disappeared in the sentences? With all of these tips, meditation is the thumb to start off our day with.

+ Meditate

All of the above stress management techniques roots with Meditation only. If we have to follow the above-mentioned steps to keep ourselves away from stress management, we have to meditate to cleanse our body and for the body to allow us to accept the new management techniques. Sitting in a half lotus posture everyday for about 10 minutes to start off with will help us with adopting everything new to our body and most importantly, convince the brain that these are good and get into terms with it to accept.

Thus, I would like to conclude saying Meditation in this rough world will give us all real pleasures and help us accept the reality instead of whining for it and reportedly will aid in managing stress for a stress free life.

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