January 09, 2019

Career as a Curer: Yoga and Meditation

We are in a world where health is considered very important after the entry of so many technologies – both boon and bane.

If you are already thinking to tell me that you have been health conscious from your 60s or even earlier, I’m all ears and the point I was trying to highlight is that in this new generation where technology is at its peak, the people are forced into maintaining good health as opposed to the previous generations where health was prime and maintaining good health was part of the daily routine.

And now, as this generation is gearing up towards health maintenance, the career as Yoga Instructors are booming.

A career in yoga is one of the few jobs where staying calm is inevitable. There is no room for inducing stress and the fact thinking that there would be no stress can get stressful – just kidding!

I mean, come on, which job in the whole world can be as soothing as finding a career in yoga where there is no entry for stress at all and stress is the main reason what people are suffering from and getting themselves voluntarily invited to other diseases.

And hence proved, why yoga is a good career choice. It’s no secret that the yoga industry is much-demanding lots of cash and capital each year. For good or for bad, there is a lot of money that can be made.

Eligibility for a Degree in Yoga Science

For an undergrad degree – B.Sc or BA in Yoga Therapy – the minimum requirement from an individual is to have completed X and XII grades holding a minimum of 50% – akin to opting other undergrad degrees.

For a postgrad degree – M.SC or M.A in Yoga Therapy – the minimum requirement is to have completed B.Sc or B.A to pursue further.

Whilst there are a few other courses that you can pursue in yoga to get recognized as a teacher, the individuals with a certified degree from the universities will be given top preferences in recruiting and honoring. But for those, who decided to opt for a career in yoga after long years of employment, find a proper training institute that helps you with recognition and job opportunities, in the initial times. Else, you are going to end up working for a lesser salary of somewhere between Rs 5000 and Rs 15000, which is not what you obviously want.

The possible job that a degree holder or a certified yoga trainer can land themselves into:

Any degree has its own importance and a blanket of opportunities to fill the vacancy. And, it is no lesser for a yoga trainer or an instructor.

Whilst anyone with huge cash and support from family can always start their own yoga studios or yoga schools, the individuals who are looking to start all by themselves or who cannot get any support from family can land themselves into jobs as

– Yoga Therpaist
– Yoga Instructor
– Yoga Teacher
– Research Officer- Yoga and Naturopathy
– Yoga Aerobic Instructor
– Assistant Ayurvedic Doctor
– Clinical Psychologist
– Therapists and Naturopaths
– Trainer/ Instructor Health Club

These jobs will fetch a decent salary to start off with and gradually, as one progresses, the salary band will also increase. These days, there are so many people who are looking for personal and individual yoga trainers so they could get full attention. You never know, you could become the next individual yoga trainer and already start earning in lakhs.

I also want to highlight on a different set of career opportunities to start off in case you haven’t yet got a certificate as a yoga practitioner yet or for those who are just thinking of getting one. In case you are in that mindset and would want to gain experience whilst studying, there are a handful of career opportunities where you can land yourselves into until you become certified.

– Studio Manager

Either you have a space on your own or work for someone else, getting an opportunity to brand yourself as a studio manager will help you in understanding the needs of the yoga and practice yourselves to the job in future. When you become one, you have an option to practice with the students for free and still reap the benefits and learn. Practical knowledge is always the best over theoretically studying.

– Festival Organizer

Yoga festivals are increasing fanatically –  Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud, Bali, the 3HO Yoga Festival in Europe, Wanderlust Yoga and Music festivals across the globe. You can become an organizer if you are good at management.

– DJ

Music and yoga – what a killer combination! Yoga is the root to aerobics as well and now there are DJs who are playing music to match the poses of asanas so as to bring in some pomp and enjoyment – without losing the serenity. So, don’t worry, yoga can never lose its originality.

– Brand Ambassador

If you have remarkable people pleasing skills, why not try this and excel.

– Salesperson

The retail industry has already started manufacturing their own lines of athletic clothing designed for yoga, and there has been a notable uprise of smaller brands designing distinctive yoga wear lines fitting all budgets.

Now, if you are in the slightest dilemma of choosing yoga as a career, you have to fix it already.

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