January 11, 2019

Cure PCOD by adopting Yoga

PCOD (Polycystic ovarian disease) or PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) is a condition where there will be multiple cysts in the ovaries. Cysts are usually sac like elements that are made up of liquid. This condition will be characterized by larger ovaries thus leading to higher production of androgen and estrogenic hormones. Polycystic ovaries are way bigger in size than the normal ovaries. PCOD thus causes abnormal and irregular menstrual cycles, reproductive problems, psychological and hormonal imbalances. It is most likely to get transferred from the mother to her offspring and about 5% – 10% of the ladies are treated with PCOD every year.

Symptoms of PCOD

Whilst the PCOD disease itself causes irritation and abnormalities, it comes with a pack of symptoms beforehand. They include

  • excess hair on the face and the body
  • decrease in the breast size
  • deeper voice
  • weak hair
  • giant acne on the face, mostly
  • abnormal weight gain – obesity
  • acute pelvic pain
  • depression and anxiety followed by frequent mood swings
  • excessive and unhealthy eating
  • lack of sleep

These symptoms are said to be experienced concurrently thus leaving the individual all frustrated and sick. These symptoms would then lead to

  • irregular menstrual cycles – excessive bleeding or no bleeding at all, depends on the type of PCOD
  • infertility
  • diabetes
  • anxiety and depression disorders
  • uterine cancer
  • heart attacks and strokes

The ladies who are undergoing such problems or detect any of the symptoms is required to consult a doctor, preferably a gynecologist to confirm if there is PCOD. The treatment differs to every individual and the only one common amongst all would be exercising and following a routine healthy diet.

Yoga is a great way and the most recommended natural method to combat PCOD. The ladies who generally practice yoga to battle this disease have found great relief and there are a lot of inspirational videos and stories available online to boost motivation.

For ease of access, practicing the 5 yoga asanas will help you combat PCOD and there have been proven cases where the individual got completely cured and there were no traces of the disease left in the body.

1. Kapalbhati

Kapalbhati is the blend of Kapal – forehead, and  Bhati – to shine. Regular practice of this asana brings a glow to the face and the posture demands you to sit with your legs crossed on the floor. It is more in a lotus position where you exert your strength to your pelvis and let the breathing take the lead.

2. Yoni Mudra

Yoni holds its meaning as either uterus or womb. This yoga is similar to the baby who holds no contact with the world except for the mother until it is born. The asana resembles the baby in the uterus. You are required to land your buttocks on your heels and rest the body completely. Your hands will come in contact with each other where you would need to press both the thumbs against each other facing upwards and the pointing fingers need pressing facing downwards whilst the other fingers need to be bent intersecting.

3.  Nadisodhan Pranayama

Nadisodhan Pranayama also called as Anulom Vilom helps to calm your mind and refresh your brain nerves thus de-stressing the body. It brings serenity and comfort to your body whilst aiding in curing PCOD.

4. Bhramri Pranayama

It is the only pranayama which curbs all the negatives in you like stress, overstrain, tension, anxiety, and depression. It is a great breathing exercise to control your mood swings and to keep you at ease as much as possible.

5. Sun Salutation

Sun salutation, most popularly known as Surya Namaskar involves twelve Yoga poses in one round. It is good to strengthen muscles and induce flexibility in the body. The asana contributes to alleviating hormonal imbalance and regular practice of only Surya Namaskar holds fame of having erased PCOD completely. It curbs weight gain and detoxifies the entire body.

6. Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana or the cobra pose expends pressure on the abdomen and aids to stimulate ovarian function. It also improves digestion, wards off stress and is a good exercise for lungs, chest, and shoulder.

7. Dhanurasana

Dhanurasana, also called the bow pose, is one of the asanas that is merited to ward off stress and anxiety, most notably. It enhances flexibility and makes the spine stronger. And is a must to combat PCOD.

8. Shavasana

The last but not the least, laying on the floor like a corpse is a mother to all the asanas that you would have done above. This is complete relaxation to the entire body and mind where you will be asked to relax every part in the body from your toe finger till the tip of the hair strand.

It is required of you to stay motivated to get rid of this disease for a better future.


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