January 22, 2019

Discard the painful past behind

We are expert mind travelers and we have so much ability to remember almost every bad thing that happened with us in the past. No wonder even if we say the correct date. As skillful as we are in remembering and recalling the good times and the bad times. At times, we cherish the good things and let it rub off our memory but with the unpleasant happenings, our memory will serve as the best in helping us recall that particular happening over and over again. Especially, when we encounter the person who was in an iota cause for it to happen, we will still remember that person and build the grudge for him/her.

Are you already thinking of any such thing that happened to you, already?

Have you ever realized why that happens to you? Ever been in a situation when something good or something neutral would have happened with you and you would faintly remember? I am sure there are people who have the ability to recall everything from the past – even the good and the bad. My question here is to the ones who are not able to recall or just vaguely remember about the good but completely remember every unpleasant thing. Why is there a bias in the mind for remembrance? Shouldn’t both recollections be on an equal ratio? So, how does the mind work here?

If you are thinking that it is your quality to forget all the things that happened to you but deep down in your heart – being true to your conscience – you still have it, then you are lying to yourselves. You can lie or mask your negative feelings about something or someone to others, but not to your own self.

Don’t you think of it as a serious problem that you ‘must’ overcome?

You need to overcome for your own good. Overcome for your own distressing. You need to overcome for your own good health so you are peaceful at heart and happy always inside and outside.

Before we understand how to remove all traces of those bad memories, let us primarily understand what is the reason we remember them. Let us get to the fundamentals of it before trying to get rid of.

Your DNA is where your memory imprints.

Notwithstanding the fact that your subconscious and your conscious mind omits to keep things from the past, your DNA gets it imprinted on it, forever. Geneticists have proved that any past experience – irrespective of good or bad – is adherent because it has already registered its place within us, operating on the chemical bonds deep inside the cell in its nucleus where DNA remnants. After all, our life is all about the endurance of memory.

With the above being the reason, wondering if it is really possible to erase the unpleasant memory from the DNA?

Well, the good news is

Research studies have proved that practicing meditation daily can help in obliterating the bad memories at the cellular level

I am just at awe for meditation on how humongous is that tiny practice of sitting in silence and what wonders it does to the mankind. Don’t you think, you should meditate daily. In my previous blogs, I have highlighted a lot of benefits and what meditation does to human beings. By far, this is the most impactful above all of those.

How happy would you become if you are able to forget your exes, your past embarrassments, your failures? All of those defunct memories will liberate you from guilt, free up the space to store good things, keep you happy and importantly, will help you move further. But remember to learn the lesson from your failure and ensure to not repeat that mistake again.

Meditation, it comes to. Spending ten minutes of your time daily in silence and mindfully practicing it will activate your brain waves, neurons and as the researchers say, your cellular levels. It rejuvenates and de-toxins not just your mind but your entire body. The eradication of the bad memories will not just happen immediately but you can witness the results with regular practice.

And it just doesn’t stop with that, meditation would have trained you unknowingly to just see the good and pleasant in everything that you encounter daily. It will help you approach your life in a positive way only and you would learn the art of ignoring the wrongs and being thankful for all the rights.

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