January 28, 2019

Don’t be bedeviled by Meditation as a Beginner.

Ok, are you convinced to start with your meditation practice after hearing a lot about limelight – Meditation?

Remember to recollect every time as to why you want to meditate. This will be a spearing head to you and motivation in case you have not started practicing yet. Not just that, also remember to keep remembering about the multifold of benefits that meditation would give to you. Frequent reminders like these will trick your brain to not capitulate on Meditation.

That said, have you thought of how you are going to get started? I’m sure, you have and that is why you are already in the mindset. In case, you have not decided on how yet, well quick tips. There are guided meditation podcasts, meditation apps that would let you enjoy for free with voice-overs, meditation guides, teachers etc. So find something that is right for you and settle in.

Cool, we have crossed 2 major leaps already. The third one, are you facing difficulties with meditation, especially as a beginner?

If yes, then continue reading so as to see if they are really a problem, and what you need to do to not stress about it. Generally, meditation is practiced to stay away from stress and in the process of meditating, you do not want to end up getting falsely stressed.

The common problems with every beginner meditators are

(i) I’m not able to concentrate

Has a grimace already distorter your fine face?

Come on, it is no simple task to sit simply without doing anything. All you are asked to do is sit simply and concentrate on your breath. But how long? Puff, no answers to your brain.

You are actually supposed to be concentrating on your meditation, but your mind, like always,  keeps strolling off to anything but your practice. And, you may also encounter incessant self-talk that seems to have something to tell you, including meditation!

What can you do? – Hold your horses and push yourself out of your comfort zone to try and concentrate. These baby steps now are going to help you more in the future. As an alternative, you can concentrate on your breath count so your mind is given some work.

Tip: Count in reverse so it is difficult for your mind to lose attention.

(ii) I have no time for Meditation

Your agenda looks to be packed to its brim quotidian and you indeed cannot seem to clutch any time for meditation. Or, there will always be something that needs to be completed when you are about to devote your time to quietly sitting and making your practice sporadic.

What can you do? – Really? Remember these are all traps that your mind lays on you when you are about to commence something new. Eschew from that trap. It is imperative that you first allocate time for yourself, and that means even waking up early – perhaps 15 minutes – for your own well being.  Allow literally nothing but the most unrelenting instances to distract you from your practice. Help your family understand why and how this time is crucial for you.

(iii) I have aches and pains in my body

When you meditate or let’s say, sit in silence closing your eyes, you are sure to experience cramps, pains, numbness and tingling in the arms or legs, itching sensations, touches of cold and/or hot. And this means, you immediately have to address it by opening your eyes and perturbing your stillness.

What can you do about it? – Yes, you are going to experience some pain whilst meditation and that is because you are asked to sit still with an erect spine and preferably sitting on the land. You may want to ensure you are not allowing the external circumstances disturb you with pain. Correct them before starting your practice. Have someone to put you back into your correct posture if you are found slouching or deviating. And with tingling, you have to find ways to not let it disturb you.

(iv) I cannot seem to calm

You already have a preset notion that meditation will directly unwind you from your stress and so you get into your likely sitting position. No matter how hard you attempt, you just can’t seem to relax like you normally do. And you end up getting more stressed.

What can you do about it? – It is hard to meditate when the mind is disconcerted, like in the case of expecting immediate results by not following the right technique. As the mind is already caught up with its own convention, you can always start by taking a few deep breaths and allow yourself to calm. This is also a form of meditation.

Final thoughts.

These are not really problems that you need to worry about as it is very common. After all, life is about facing challenges and overcoming them.

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