February 27, 2019

Every action has an equal and an opposite reaction – Karma and Meditation

Karma means…

Action, bizarre are the ways of karma. Karma is what is triggering the whole world. A few people believe and the others don’t. Karma will always remain a topic of debate. It brings people together and also is involved in separating them. Karma keeps some strong and some weak. It makes some rich and the remaining poor. Every happiness, sadness, happenings are bondages of Karma. The more you try and comprehend it, the more it will amaze you.

Good or bad things that happen to someone is based on karma. It is the timing that karma hits one. And, the time certainly has its role to play for everyone. Karma bends all logic and reasoning. This hope of karma will keep people from shying away when they really have to act, stop them from doing any bad because they know it is going to come to them.

Only human beings have the capability to shift the effect of time and hence become free of karma.

However, if you wish to know how to change your karma through meditation, then it is mandatory to know what type of karma exists. This will help you in your planning of achieving the goal.

Three different types of karma

1. Prarabdha karma

‘Prarabdha’ means ‘have already begun’ – the action is acknowledging its effect right now. You will not be able to avoid or alter because it is already happening.

2. Sanchita karma

‘Gathered’ or ‘piled up’ karma — is what we call Sanchita Karma. This is what we have carried with us from our previous birth. ‘Sanchita’ means collected karma that can be cleaned by spiritual practices like Meditation.

We can also get rid of our Sanchita karma through meditation – prayers to the Almighty, service to the needy, and sharing our love and happiness with everybody that we come across.

3. Agami karma

‘Agami’ means ‘have not come’. The victims of this karma will face the effect of their bad and good deeds in their future. For any wrongdoing that you do today, the punishment may not be immediate, however, this doesn’t indicate it may have just faded away with time, but it will hit you strong in the future.

It is simply that you should be able to identify the difference between your good and bad deeds. This will help you unwind from this world knots and liberate you to become happier. Otherwise, a bad deed will not let you sleep peacefully until the mistake is confronted.

A tip: When you praise someone, you inherit their good karma and by blaming someone, you again inherit their bad karma.

The big deal between karma and meditation

Meditation spreads equanimity and concentration. It helps in letting go of your expectations, your guilty feelings, shame, and certainly the tendency to blame others. It has inherited in it dispassion and sense of detachment.

Loving selflessly from all expectations, comprehending that there is no rebirth that will cut off itself – hence there will be no cycle of karma. When you are aware of the good and the bad that you do, you will be free from all the world’s tangles. Likewise, when you stop blaming yourselves and others, no regrets or guilt traces where sorrow and embarrasment encounter you and your conscience is not clouded, then you are liberated. That freedom of higher self comes only when you have realized your Guru – the inner peace through meditation.

How to get rid of karma through meditation?

Is it possible to really ward rid off of karma through meditation? The Gurudev says some karma can be changed whilst a few some cannot.

In cooking, when you prepare a dessert, if you are less of ghee or feel short of anything less, if sugar or ghee (clarified butter) is too little at the pre-cooking stage, you can add more whereas teh same is not once the dish is cooked.

Milk can be either sweet yogurt or sour yogurt. And the sourness can be sweetened however, none of these can be reverted to the milk. This is Prarabdha karma that makes it impossible to change. There is a way to alter the Sanchita karma through spiritual practices.

Getting rid of karma means warding off impressions. Sanchita karma exhibits a tendency or an impression in the mind. As human beings, we have the capability to erase impression and fear through meditation. Meditation is there to rectify painful karma, at least reduce their impact and help us focus towards our daily life.

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