March 04, 2019

Strange facts about spirituality

As we are switching into the New World from how it was yesterday, a lot of people are realizing that there are many spiritual facts that they didn’t know.

|| “What does spirituality really mean? Is spirituality distinct from religion? Why is spirituality becoming increasingly popular and how has the term evolved and used today from its Christian roots?” – asks Philip Sheldrake, author of Spirituality: A Very Short Introduction and his answers are the facts.

In spirituality, it is you first, not selfish but it believes that you need to be strong to help others and yourselves. Anybody who is spiritual would realize what it meant. However, for those are toddlers in this subject, spirits send the message to be compassionate, giving, grateful, eschew from gossip and talking ill about others. For the personal self, all it is has to ask is to love oneself and put yourself first before others. In the midst of helping others, we need to remember us and focus on both the lives. By showing love, compassion, and kindness, we will receive it multifold.

Interesting facts

We will know when we are going to die

As human beings, we will have a “cue” inside us that would communicate our readiness when it is time to leave our mortal part. That “cue” may be an action, thing, or a color.

The fetus gets its spirit only after it is born

When a woman is pregnant, the spirit that would possess the child doesn’t really get in, instead, it will surround the mother and safeguard the mother and the child. It means it would protect its own body. It is not until the child’s birth that the body and spirit will fuse. This causes that sudden cry from the baby during that fusion process. While fusing with the body, the spirit will lose all its memory of spiritual life in the realms because it has now become a human.

Beating ears don’t mean that someone is calling our name

It is told that out of superstitions that when your ears ring, it is someone talking about you. By now you would have realized it is untrue, however, it is not entirely wrong. That ringing actually indicates that ‘something’ wishes your attention. Most often, it is a cue that your spirit angels want to communicate something to you.

We sign our own spiritual contract

How shocking is this? We are told that we don’t have the power to choose our parents, friends, siblings, enemies. But spirituality tells that our spirit before fusing with the body decides and agrees who wants to be playing which role. And this is simply because life needs to be orchestrated so that the purpose of this life is achieved. All purposes may not be good, however, they are mandatory.

Sometimes miscarriages are healing

There are spiritual watchers for everybody on this earth. If those watchers sense something is going to get wrong with the body, they will abort the process and treat it by sending an “agent”. And this goes very much with miscarriage. The reason many women experience a miscarriage is that they have an important mission on this Earth.

Rain is a blessing to our prayer

If you are in a financial crisis and have finished your prayer about that, raining immediately is a good sign. You will need to step outside and let the rain touch you. The rain embodies a blessing and affirms that your wish will be granted. So be watchful next time.

We let our Prosperity go away from us by throwing our bread

Yes, bread it is. Never ever throw away bread. If you have extra bread, simply wet and crumble it so that it spoils and gives you a reason to just give away. Bread is in real infinite grains and it represents wealth in spiritually. And now you know, what I mean.

We have died ‘before’

Every night when we fall asleep, our spirit leaves our body and travels to different realms. It usually goes to the ‘home’ or to the realm where our spirit hailed. As the spirit has already decided its set of people that it will encounter in its lifetime, it just visits daily until the spirit knows when exactly is its death call.

Any big event, we see it in the dream first

This is a fact. Our marriage, good health, wealth, some other person, etc will first occur in the dream. If you skip saying it or if someone doesn’t say it to you, then it won’t happen. Why? Our human lives are illusions. Anything we may think is real, actually is not real.

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