February 05, 2019

Frequently asked questions about Meditation

Today, I will discuss the most frequently asked about Meditation. The readers, you don’t need to open a lot of tabs on your browser finding answers to the questions that you have in your mind. I’ll try and cover the most basic questions in the post.

1. What is meditation?

Meditation is complete surrender with oneself. It is actuating the mind and the body with your consciousness. It encompasses quiet time with yourself, focuses on breathing, living in the present, and stillness – both physically and mentally. But there’s no must follow method, belief system, chanting, religiousness, spirituality, and dogma. It is up to you to connect the way you want and just be in the present surrendering with your inner self.

2. How do I learn to meditate?

Well, the answer is, just do. It is sitting still and silent and focus on your breath. Well, it can be anything that you put your entire concentration into. The easiest is to bring all your attention to your breath and just feel the in and out of your breath. And when you can do this for at least 5 minutes, to begin with, then there you are meditating. And eventually, you can increase your time of doing this. It is understanding how to be in peace with yourself and the outer world.

3. Do I have to concentrate throughout the entire meditation session?

Diplomatically, yes you need to concentrate on some point that will ease peace into you. The brownie part is if you lose concentration, it is alright and you can bring back your drifting thoughts and mind back into your starting point. Meditation is all about forgiving and letting go of the bad. And in this case, you can forgive yourself for having distorted from your concentration and allow yourself to start over focusing.

4. Should I keep my mind blank, like not think anything?

If you are thinking just this, ha ha I have had this thought a lot of times until I understood what meditation is. To answer this, you can think everything that you want but just try and drift away for a while until you complete your meditation. I understand it is the most daunting task to ask of the mind: to not think of anything. Especially, when you are so particular about keeping your monkey mind quiet, you have to be ready to face all the consequences. So, this builds with practice. Keeping your mind occupied with your business unlike the usual times when the mind takes over you, is something you will learn with meditation. And here, focusing on something whilst having the eyes closed will hamper your thinking unnecessarily.

5. What is needed to get started with meditation?

You can commence your meditation with practicing Sahaja Yoga. This yoga meditation will require a quiet place and a lit candle. The purpose of the candle is to curb your monkey mind thoughts and bring your focus completely on the fire. The sages, yogis also believe that fire burns up all the evil thoughts and the candle emits positivity while burning itself down. A dark room, a quiet room, a lit candle, and a free you is all that is needed to get started with meditation.

And can I give you some information – this yoga meditation will teach you the practice of meditation without any guide or a teacher.

6.  How is meditation different from thinking, relaxation, or hypnosis?

How much ever you strive hard to stay positive in a negative situation, relaxed during emergencies or stressful moments, there are high chances that you are simply tricking your mind into believing that. The truth is, subconsciously, your mind is still tensed or stressed when you encounter something unpleasant. This will ward off with meditation.

Meditation will talk your mind into seeing positivity in every circumstance. Be it, in your professional, social and personal life. You will understand the real you and you will know how to tackle when you have your mind in control. It actually transforms the human being into thinking only positive and being happy, in all situations. This doesn’t happen with the others because once you are out of the situation, you are again vulnerable to too much happiness and sadness.

7. What is the notable benefit of meditation when practiced daily?

Life is very demanding and challenging. Meditation helps you drive away from negative situations, in a way, talking you off getting stressed. You will understand what is stress and you will stay away from it. So, the main benefit is warding off stress.

It’s just not this. You can share me with your questions and I’ll get you the answers for it after much thought.

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