January 21, 2019

Guided talk to improve your mood through meditation

Meditation – the most common term but a practice that needs perseverance and determination to abide by it. The big deal with meditation is that it cannot just happen when you don’t put your complete heart and soul into it. This involves a lot of grit and practice that you need to religiously follow. With daily practice, you will understand its complete benefits and you will just break a leg with your life. If you are feeling down, then just start immediately.

How good does that sound to you?

As we all know a lot of what meditation benefits you with, I thought I’ll walk you into a guided meditation today so you actually get started with meditation. I’ll raise my collars if I get you to meditate today.

This guided meditation is absolutely for beginners because that is where I want to develop a strong base. You may want to get someone to read the steps for you, exactly as it is penned on the screen.

As we commence this meditation practice, let’s take a moment to greet and congratulate ourselves in being where we are now — that we are literally taking this time to be present, to travel inside, into our own lives without anybody else’s influence.

Let’s start with feeling that we are in our mind and body with a mindful entry: Experiencing any holdings, sensations, stiffness in the body as well as feeling into your mood, emotions, and just acknowledging whatever is being felt and letting it be the way it is. Just realizing how we are with our awareness and acknowledging whatever it is to be felt.

Now very gently, warding off the awareness from the mindfulness check-in, let’s bring our attention to our breath: Being very open and mindful of your breath in the abdomen, expanding your chest on inhalation and falling on an exhalation. It is specifically breathing in and breathing out with your awareness. To start with, take a few deep breaths slowly. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your lips. This deep inhalation and exhalation will help you in releasing the stress occupied in your mood and mind. By now, you have already bid adieu to a part of your bad mood.

After the deep breathing, get back to your normal breathing. You will realize that you are still aware of your breathing. Breathing normally and naturally by feeling the rise and fall of the abdomen is called the Mindful breathing. This type of mindful breathing will help you calm down and tranquilize your mind when we are feeling stressed, anxious, fearful, or depressed. So remember to be sensible of your breath coming in and going out — breathing in and out with awareness.

In any point in time, if you have lost your concentration already, just don’t give up, stay calm and acknowledge whatever thoughts come in, and get back to your meditation practice again. Gentle breathe in and breathe out through your nose. Fox your complete focus at one point – your rising of the abdomen, expanding your chest, the air passing through your nostrils, the chillness on your lips, etc. These observations are all very mild and when you put your complete attention to it, you will realize how beautiful every change is in your body.

‘Congratulations, you are halfway through your meditation.’

The same goes again, in case you have lost your concentration, it is absolutely alright to gather your thoughts back and get into concentrating on your subtle movement in the body.

Now, practice to do this until your alarm rings off. Wow, you have completed your first meditation set already. How do you feel?

As you were on your first step, it would be quite challenging to witness the changes. However, with some extra efforts, please see if you were able to feel them.

+ Do you remember, you were actually in a bad mood, how good are you feeling now?

+ Do you realize that your mind is fresh and free from clutter?

+ Do you understand that you have forgotten your worries and the negative thoughts that you had at the beginning of your meditation?

+ Do you sense your nose, eyes, chest, abdomen all set free?

+ Do you want to drink some water? – don’t stop yourself. This is to wash out the toxins into the air.

+ Do you see that you are completely feeling fresh? – Good with you.

If your answers are partially true or not true at all, don’t worry. You can practice it tomorrow to feel all that. Remember, the saying ‘Slow and steady always wins the race’ was proved.

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