January 29, 2019

Here’s why you should be consistent with Meditation

Meditation has been in the limelight since centuries. The term, Meditation, immediately picturizes Buddha and other monks sitting under a tree by having their eyes closed and a grimace distorting their face. And, these days especially, a boy or a girl sitting on the cliff of a mountain with their eyes closed and sun directly kissing their face. Ah, yes there are so many images to meditation, nevertheless, the aforementioned scenarios are a majority.

Have you wondered why meditation is being preached all over the world? Yes, of course, for its huge running list of benefits that it is packed with for the human beings. The prime thing to be noted here is for its huge running list that comes with a lifetime guarantee. Now, how cool does this sound?

Sitting in silence for 10 – 15 minutes daily with eyes closed can assure you lifetime’s happiness? Surprisingly, the truth is ‘yes it can, Meditation can’.

Ruminating still, find out what are those benefits!

Meditation is indeed an influential and a powerful first step in lessening the effects of stress and discovering the serene space between our racing minds and thoughts. We, human beings, have been utilizing this natural practice for more than thousands of years now.

Meditation is a proven method, a simple and effective practice to hone the brain and its skills, better the concentration, lessen anxiety, and lift the mood. All of this is possible with meditation where you will learn how to become an observer of your thoughts initially and gradually, the art of letting them go – for your healthy wellbeing.

On the whole, meditation not only wards off stress for the time being, but also has some significant long-term health benefits:

Better functioning of the brain.

The brain undergoes a change in memory, attention spans, perception, and learning. With habitual meditation, there is a lot of evidence that has proved to show long term benefits. And monks were the recipients of those study and researches. Additionally, those monks also demonstrated more brain activity in the areas that is responsible for positive emotions like satisfaction, contentment, and relaxation.

Robust immune system.

A stronger immune system is a proof of good health. The people that have been meditating will give birth to more antibodies at a very faster rate than their counterparts. A healthy, satisfied, and a peaceful mind reflects on the body and its overall functioning.

Reduced infertility rates.

Milder symptoms of PMS and lower infertility rates. Meditation has proved to assist women assuage their uncomfortable symptoms of PMS, breast-feeding, and hot flashes. Withal, post a ten-week meditation session, a lot of women endeavoring with infertility problems expressed reduced levels of anxiety and fatigue as opposed to they did before the sessions, and in no more than the next six months, 34% of those women conceived.

Unperturbed sleep.

Better sleep is a sign of relaxed mind. A good amount of sleep is vital for peace of mind, and sleep deprivation often conjoints with stress, anxiety, and depression. It is proven by many scientists that 100% of the insomniacs improved their sleeping cycles, sleep quality and sleep hours notable well after practicing meditation.

Pin point concentration.

Meditation improves your alertness and mindfulness. Be it at your home, your office, your social meetinsg, anywhere and everywhere, you will be in your fullest focus. By getting rid of anxious thoughts, meditation stimulates the positive aspects in the brain like creativity, intellectual development, intelligence, and stronger relationship skills. All these qualities are a mandate in every walks of your life and this will reward you great happiness.

Living in the Now.

Meditation teaches you to be present – both physically and mentally – right where you are. It takes you out of your yesterday’s story and also banishes the worry of tomorrow. It entitles and empowers you to have a full life. In the ‘now’ is where the life’s magic occurs.

Cultivating compassion.

Practicing a loving-kindness meditation footprints the compassionate area of the brain. That compassion area is known as the anterior insular cortex, that aids the brain to create empathy and compassion for our self and the others. This uplifted level of apprehension impacts how we associate with others.

Enhanced creativity.

Meditation let you to relax, focus, and think with what is infront of you. Through consistent practice, you will befit to your insight and intuition talks which will lead to an uplift in your attitude, self-confidence and eagerness to take artistic risks.

Experience the unmixed you.

The paramount of meditation is to evolve who you are. It is about being comfortable in your own skin. Through meditation, you will build self-confidence, become more loving, and connect with your most authentic self.

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