January 26, 2019

7 + 1 Yoga Asanas to curing Kidney Stones

What are the Kidney stones?

For the benefit of people who have just heard the term being used by many and not sure what actually Kidney stones are.

It is an uncomfortable feeling in the two bean shaped organs present, each sized of a fist. The kidneys are placed below the rib cage, one on either side of our spine. Our kidneys, bladder, and ureters are part of our urinary tract. We possess two kidneys that strain our blood, cleaning off wastes and excess water in the form of urine.

Whilst passing your urine, if you suffer a tenacious feeling of urination occurring with severe pain in your back, then it is a symptom of Kidney stone. In addition to the pain, you may also be accompanied with chills and sweat in ample. All these definitely calls for a cause of worry and concern. This is a cue by your two bean shaped organs in the center of your back, that probably may have developed stones in them.

Like already mentioned, the work of the kidneys are meant to strain out excess water and waste products from our blood. These leftovers are usually excreted in the form of urine. Yet, sometimes, when there is a high amount of calcium and urea collected in the kidney, then they arise as stones causing unbearable pain and extreme discomfort.

Men are high victims of kidney stones than women. It is found that one in every twenty individuals will be afflicted from Kidney stones due to their poor lifestyle methods. Deficient hydration and holding on the urine for a very long time are the major reasons for aggravating and forming kidney stones.

7 Effectual Asanas + 1 Pranayama to wash off the Kidney Stones

1. Utra Asana (Camel Pose)

The Camel Pose is known to massage all the organs in the body, particularly the kidneys. It transmits a lot of blood to the kidney organs, thereby detoxifying and oxygenating them. Utra aasana not only allays the indications of kidney stones but also blocks them from degenerating.

And if you already have kidney stones, start practicing this asana to flush them out.

2. Uttanpada Asana (Raised leg Pose)

The raised leg pose bolsters the muscles of the abdomen, lower back, pelvic area, and lastly the legs. It aids in tightening the abdominal muscles which in turn enhances the function of our kidneys, liver, and pancreas. It also alleviates lower back pain.

3. Pawanmukt Asana (Wind releasing pose)

The Wind Relieving Pose is one of the most effectual yoga asanas for treating kidney stones. This pose is the best known for evacuating blockages and releasing the pressure. It also palpates the kidneys and assuages the symptoms of kidney stones. This asana aids in relieving constipation, gastric problems also.

4. Bhujang Asana (Cobra Pose)

The Cobra Pose is also another effectual abdominal pose as in improves the blood circulation in that region. It stretches your kidneys and tidies up any blockages thus enhancing the functioning of kidney. With daily practice, you will experience great relief from the irritating kidney stones. And continual practice will guarantee to dissipate the kidney stones perpetually.

5. Bala Asana (Child’s Pose)

Another most sought restorative pose, that is the Child’s pose. This asana assists in unwinding and completely banishing off the stress associated with the kidney stones. It prevents further formation of the stones. In addition to preventing, this asana helps in your digestion and alleviates stomach cramps. The womb like pose – which is the child’s pose – calms down the pain and the pressure.

6. Dhanur Asana (Bow Pose)

The wonderful and ubiquitous asana to almost help mankind in all the common problems. The bow pose asana is worthwhile in soothing the symptoms of kidney stones, withal enhancing the kidney function.

7. Garuda Asana (Eagle Pose)

No, you will not fly like an eagle but look more like an eagle because of the pose. This asana is meant to increase the flow of blood to the kidneys, helps in boosting the kidney function and ergo relieving the symptoms of the kidney stone. It refines your body balance and reinforces the muscles of your lower body.

8. Anulom Vilom

This imperative Pranayama exercise flushes out congestion and blockages at all levels. Breathing is highly crucial to curing a problem. It contributes to complete detoxing, which is vital when it comes to kidney stones. The Anulom Vilom also subsides the pain related to kidney stones. Religious practice hampers the formation of new stones.

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