December 20, 2018

Make these 9 scientifically proven benefits yours with Meditation

What oxygen is to a human being, meditation is that oxygen to your brain and mind. I’m certain you would have read a lot of benefits and good things that would come your way when you meditate. But, may I ask of you – the readers – have you started meditating already and made the benefits yours?

If yes, please pat yourselves on your back because you are a fighter and you have taken a route to success.

In case, no, please pinch yourself and get into the reality that Meditation is mandatory for better well-being. And also, pat yourselves because you will read further on what are the scientifically proven benefits that you would get whilst practicing meditation. You have landed on the right page.

Before I get into the benefits of meditation, I’d like to bring out a few popular names that could actually trigger your motivation.

Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Angelina Jolie, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, late Steve Jobs, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hugh Jackman and a lots more meditate and they augment their fame and success to meditation. In any personal interviews that you may have seen, try giving it another shot where you will notice that they would have brought up the term ‘Meditation’. Yes, there are a lot of meditation types which I insist you learn and then adopt one practice that your mind and body would accept. It is highly important that you need to make friends with your mind and body when adopting a new practice.

Know about the 9 scientifically proven benefits of rewiring your mind and brain mechanism through Meditation:

+ Demotes stress

Yes, with daily habits of meditation, it is proven that you would become less stressful as you would have acquired the practice of facing things newly whilst keeping your mind and heartbeat at ease. For the benefit of information – Stress is something that builds up when your mind encounters something new and the prolonged exposure to that will pile up into negativity and create a bad feeling inside you.

+ Increases your self-esteem and well-being:

Meditation opens the door in your mind to understand yourselves better, which otherwise is clouded by your lazy habits of the brain. Once you have taken the effort to rewire your brain and make it accept something new until it becomes a practice, meditation will do the rest of the job. Though it may seem difficult in the beginning, with constant perseverance, I’m sure your brain will get into terms with you of letting you understand you. This way, you will feel good about yourselves for who you are and will accept to change the negatives about you that you would personally discover.

+ Hones your sense of connectedness and empathy

If you are feeling left out or trying to move someone away from your gang so you would get all the attention, then wait before you chuck that person out. Meditation will make you understand that it is not that way and you will realize what you are lacking and empathize the situation for the other person. The loving-kindness meditation will aid in comprehending all about connectedness and make you an empathy expert – not just helping you but others as well.

+ Perks up focus

Do you want to become razor sharp in focusing? Then Meditate. It helps in bringing your senses to one focal point and get complete focus on what you’re doing. Simply put, you will finish your work very fast compared to the previous days where you didn’t meditate.

+ Makes you more creative

When your mind is always focussed on improving for the better, new ideas would just gush in paving the way to more creativity and thinking abilities.

+ Bolsters memory

It is proven that meditation will help you widen your memory skills and make you the best at remembering everything that you had encountered in your past – it is up to you to call the shots on storing information.

+ Helps in better decision making

As a result of a clear mind, your brain will have the power to put in front all the probabilities when making a decision. This way, meditation will help your brain make better decisions and most importantly, informed decisions with quick plans to detour in case need be.

+ Strengthens your cardiovascular health

Want to get more benefits and good health all by sitting in one place? Then Transcendental meditation or the mindfulness meditation will do wonders to your cardiovascular system. It basically keeps your heart in good shape thus pumping the required amount of blood.

+ Improves your immune system

Do you fall sick more often? Do you have to take a lot of tablets? Then bin them immediately and start meditating as it is proven to not only doctor your mind but also the thoughts that come to your mind about the pain and external happenings. It will allow you to understand yourself so you can decide what is needed for your body so you can adopt the best practices for your immune system and good health.

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