January 19, 2019

Meditate for a healthier relationship

Are you feeling strange reading the topic? Or are you thinking I’m out of my mind to have written something under this topic?

If you’re in the slightest of the doubt thinking whether or not you should continue reading, spend 7 minutes to know that it is genuine.

Yes, if you are having relationship issues or misunderstandings and discomforts with your partner or family or anybody that you encounter, you can solve it without costing your character, your marriage, any relationship status. Wondering, how meditation can help you solve that problem?

The prime relationship we experience in the meditation practice is the relationship with self.

The motto of meditation is to become more self aware and mindful about oneself – both inwardly and outwardly. Meditation will open the gate to your mind, your thoughts, your sensations, your feelings, your perceptions, your likes and dislikes, and the world in and around you. With meditation, you start training your monkey mind, by teaching lessons and patience to it to settle down, calm, relax in perturbing situations, focus and and getting back to normal.

The mind will definitely not succumb to your habit until you take over the control of it, nevertheless it is trainable and achievable. Once you take charge of your mind, you will feel the power and the goodness within you. You will gain self confidence, zero depression and anxiety, and will start working on everything at ease.

This result is achievable with meditation.

Friends, foes and people at work.

These are somebody you don’t want to mess with. Any body for that matter in the group can turn anyway round when they become a victim of an unfavorable situation. If you can trust your friend completely without any second thoughts, then that person is an exception. Nevertheless, for those who is a wall on the fence when it comes to trust and belief, you absolutely don’t want to mess with them.

In order to avoid unpleasant situations and discomforting talks, it is always essential to be aware of the present situation so as to not over react. When you are aware of your senses, you will know how you can tackle a situation amicably so both the sides see themselves in a win-win situation.

Practice meditation regularly and you will know for yourselves how coolest of a person you have become.

The better half.

When you think of someone you are going to live the rest of your lives with after departing from your parents, I’m certain you will want it to be the happiest and the calmest. You significant other will be the one who will walk with you through your second half of life, in fact you would have the longest walk with that person only. When it is that vital, it is equally vital to play your role smooth and composed with your better half.

You should know when to react and when to keep calm so that you don’t aggravate the situation, after all, curb your ego because at the end of the day, you are going to have a happy ending. It is necessary you have enough patience and you are all ears when your other half wants to talk to you. With meditation, you will practice patience, develop compassion, become complacent, and most importantly, you will understand others from their point of view and would not judge, which no partner would want.

The soul – Family.

How many of you have been worried or realized when you have shouted at your parents and your siblings? It could be a neutral count, however to those who didn’t realize that you had hurt them, it’s time we look back. As the family doesn’t create a scene out of how you had behaved, it wouldn’t have looked a big deal. Developing compassion and spending family time will not help you spread more love but will also creater a stronger bond within the family. And the upcoming generation will comprehend the importance of the family values.

Other relationships.

Apart from the ones mentioned, it is necessary you have a cordial and a pleasing personality with everyone that you confluence. I’m not meaning you should become a people pleaser, nonetheless, it is in your hands and your morale to be kind to everyone even if they are not and that kindness would define your character and you as a human being.

A simple 20 min workout daily to your mind will help you become that person who everyone would be happy with when meeting. With meditation, you would not only improve your quality but will also become the role model to a lot of others leaving inspiration foot marks.

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