January 14, 2019

Meditate to augment your concentration and memory

Concentrate, so you can remember better.

Listen to what is being told by the teachers, so you can remember better.

Sit in a place and then study, so you can remember better.

Read the same note three or four times, so you can remember better.

Write down what you have read, so you can remember better.

Finally, memorize them word by word so you can remember better.

What do you reckon?

Aren’t you already having a picture of your mother or father or your teacher calling this out in your mind?

So what are these for? – Only scoring good marks in the exam and to always remain a topper. Well, for the time being during your school days, sadly, the answer is Yes. Because it is the religious belief of the parents that if their kids perform extremely good in the exams, then they will be the best during their teen age and adulthood, meaning having earned a lot of money and settled in higher positions for the living.

But, if you stop and ask yourselves if this is the real achievement, i.e. only getting great marks in the exams and remain a topper, the answer is – this is not just the only one. Primarily, you have got to develop the skills to become a better person and think differently or remember or concentrate or become attentive, etc. and then blend those skills into your school and college times so you can not only get good marks but also become a superhero in your life.

So, if you are already thinking “How is that even possible?” or if you have already succumbed to negativity or self-doubt in your mind, hold your horses, there is a way out and in fact, the best way out that you can become an autodidact also.

And, the answer to it is Meditation.

Meditation helps you in training your mind to focus and concentrate for long hours and not just that, but also remember every minute details from it. This is an exercise to the brain where the monkey mind is trained to concentrate on just 1 thing and learn the complete details of it. This is certainly not achievable immediately – to those, who are thinking what’s with remembering the details – it is difficult but achievable. There are claimed patents to it.

By now, with the sentences like good marks, first ranks, you would have identified who the target readers’ audience is. The most fondly called, the future of tomorrow — the Students.

How do you start meditating to increase your concentration and memory power?

Part I: Carry out concentration meditation

(i) Start by finding a quiet, private spot for meditation. It is true that you can meditate anywhere and everywhere, however, for beginners like you, it is advisable to find a secluded spot to kickstart with.

(ii) Sitting comfortably is very important as you do not want your discomfort position to distract you whilst you are trying to meditate.

(iii) Next, in the list, keep a timer for 5 – 10 minutes and dedicate the time completely to it. Because you need to be present in the time without any other thoughts like, is it time already or when is it going to get over, it is highly recommended for a timer for it will do the job to remind you whence the time is actually over.

(iv) Because you are starting with a concentration meditation, you might have to relax your eyelids and ward off any tension attached to it.

(v) Route your attention to concentration if you are being distracted by the thoughts. Concentrate on your breath or any change in your body mindfully and when you find yourself distracted by a thought, simply acknowledge it and get back to the same mindfulness. Do not stress out or panic, it is natural.

Part II: Position your body

(i) Choose to either sit or stand for meditation, but remember the thumb rule is to be comfortable in whichever position you have opted. You will have to completely relax your muscles and tension in any of the joints whilst preparing for meditation.

(ii) Position your hands by allowing it to flow loosely down whilst standing or adopting a traditional position of having your hands pressed against each other in front of your chest whilst sitting is the most conventional.

Part III: Fixing an object

(i) Now that you have arranged yourself for meditation, finally fix on an object to kickstart, it could be either watching a candle in a dark room, focusing on your breath, chanting a mantra etc. Commit yourselves to completely being involved with what you are going to start off with.

(ii) Finally, gratitude to your body and mind for having accompanied in this major step.

This is certain and proven to increase your memory power and concentration with regular practice.

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