January 03, 2019

Meditation, a boon to teenagers

Well, this is one of the most sought topics these days. After all, students need good and high memory quotient to score good marks or even mark themselves in the top ranks. Whilst the modern world has got a lot to update to the students through technology and innovations, there is something that still relates back to the archaic times and there cannot be an irreplaceable element to it and that is Meditation.

Yes, Meditation is one of the best ways that would aid anyone in increasing the memory power to everybody especially the young buds. But the point to be noted here is anyone who starts meditating will also start to feel young within themselves and the best part will also look young outwardly. Isn’t that nice to think of?

Unlike other methods and forms of exercise which will make you look young, Meditation is definitely the most recommended form of exercise that you can practice to always stay young and feel lively.

So how do you go about Meditating, especially Students?

I reckon Students are already feeling the unnamed and unrealized pressure of things coming their way. In the present times, it is discovered that students are ranking the top in facing way too much artificial stress that they have overpowered voluntarily on them.

The need for being updated with technology and gadgets, overuse of gadgets and social media apps and exposure are all contributing to the external stress that the students are inducing upon themselves. The age is another contribution to their stress. Likewise, there are many things that augment the current scenario with what’s happening with the students.  

Answering the question, yes, Meditation is mandatory especially for the students of this era. As daunting as it can sound, the benefits are multifold once the students get used to. It is definitely going to be difficult to amass the thoughts, the age, the character, the behavior, the lifestyle of the student and get them to sit quietly for at least 10 minutes. It is requested of the parents that if they manage to get hold of their teens to sit in a place and help them start with meditation, they will become the superstars in the later life.

Beginning with simple steps,

+ Start today, further importantly, NOW.

It is very easy telling than starting. But watch out students, gather your senses and start practicing for at least 5 minutes. Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Listen, I repeat – Listen – to what thoughts are flowing in your mind.

The other option is to get help from your parents and in a way, practice guided meditation. Or you can get assistance from so many applications like Headspace, Oak, Breathe, Calm etc for a guided meditation session. You have the liberty to set your time.

+ Practice daily, or at least 4 days a week for 5 minutes each

Continue the same process that you did the first time for the second. And practice perseverance to forcefully get yourself seated in a place.

+ Get your parents to mind you

If parents are helping you in the background voicing to your meditation, then they will help you practice it. But for those who are doing it on their own, get help from parents to push you to continue and not accept if you move until you have had your meditation session.

+ Watch your breath

Now that you have settled, wondering what you should do, closing your eyes? You have sat for meditation and that is an achievement, so first congratulate yourself and pat on the back. Next, just observe your breathing, if there are thoughts running in your mind, just let it go and again remind yourself to get back to noticing the breath. This is the age.

When you are done with the above, steps, hurray you have successfully completed your first meditation exercise.

I’d like to conclude saying, most of the adults are starting with meditation these days and students, you are in your most beneficial time. You have so much capability and ability that if you learn to master your mind in your teen age, you would become the strongest.  By practicing meditation regularly, you will wonder how strong your IQ and memory has increased. Your mind will give you challenges that you would be able to solve in a jiffy unlike the others and you are sure to shine in bright colors as you age.

You never know what is awaiting you in the future, but with meditation, whatever it is, you can definitely make it worthwhile. You have an immunity pin and consider yourselves lucky to have got a chance at this to meditate.

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