December 26, 2018

Actuate your body with natural medicine – Meditation

There are several reasons why meditation is good for health and the body and the mind. There is something that we have missed realizing which is nothing but – Meditation is a powerful medicine. Yes, meditation serves as meditation for almost everybody and people of all ages. The only difficulty with adopting this bizarre medicine is perseverance. This medicine, unlike allopathy or any other medication methods, will not give an immediate i.e. a temporary relief but will help us in setting the root cause right and prevent from further occurrences and yes, it is time consuming.

Life usually comes in various varieties and packages to people. Some may be dealing with problems daily, a few very fewer problems, and a few with no problems at all. And all of these roots to stress and that is when the new challenges swarm us and put us in a turmoil. Nevertheless, when these problems are faced with poise and calmness, which I understand is easier said than done, will no more be the case if we meditate daily. Meditation is not just an exercise to the mind but to the entire human body.

Sitting in half lotus posture silently and observing the breath. Somewhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours daily will bring so many good things to the body and the brain. Meditation will teach us the very basic lesson – being aware of what is happening within us and around us – simply put, being present in the moment. Sounds simple, right? Have we ever done that? Or how many times have we attempted to do and just given up?

Well, I would in this article get into the specifics of how meditation would serve as a medicine to our body. I think after having read it, the article might get us motivated enough to start adopting meditation for our daily survival. Well, I’m already motivated and that’s why this topic where I want to spread what I have learned to the others.  After all, knowledge sharing is the best donation that anybody can give and we grow when we share.

• Meditation draws us into a distinctive and remarkable hypometabolic state where the metabolism will be in an even intense state of rest as contrary to the intensity we get during sleep. Whilst sleeping, the oxygen consumption lowers by 8 percent, whereas whilst meditating, it lowers by 10 to 20 percent and that is a very good sign.

• Melatonin and Serotonin – called the Calm inducing hormones are produced in surplus quantities whilst meditating and that is the reason, we hear a lot about the topic ‘meditation is great for stress relief.’ This, in turn, plummets the production of stress hormones – Cortisol.

• Meditation holds the fame of it being the only activity that mitigates blood lactate, a cue of stress and anxiety.

• Meditation has a huge and proven effect on three key meters of aging
– blood pressure
– hearing ability
– a vision of close objects

• The people who have been meditating for a long time experience 80 percent lesser heart diseases and 50 percent lesser cancers than the nonmeditators.

• A study discovered that 75 percent of the Insomniacs were able to sleep normally and very peacefully – in an unperturbed state – after they started meditating.

• Researchers proved that 34 percent of people who have been having chronic pains notably reduced their medicines intake after they commenced meditating.

• Lastly, but importantly, Meditators emit in large quantities, the youth-related hormone called the DHEA as they age than the ones who don’t meditate. A meditating 45-year-old man was found to have an average of 23 percent extra DHEA than the nonmeditators, and even in great amount in females where the meditators had an average of 47 percent more. And, this helps in stress reduction, in fact, no stress, expands memory nerves and muscles, safeguards their sexual functioning, and regulates their weight.

Are these medication benefits convincing enough to help you start meditating? Wait, I have got another message below.

Meditation is a conscious effort to change how the mind works – said, the Lord Buddha.

Ergo, the sole purpose of meditation is to retain our mind focused, healthy, strong, poised and peaceful. This amalgamation will let us think better, make informed decisions, train us to react to stress, improves creativity, sharpens focus and attention, help us when dealing in unpleasant circumstances and finally shield our body against all the diseases.

What are you waiting for, commence your meditation practices immediately and regularly!

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