resolution to give 40 mins daily to yourself
January 01, 2019

Devote 40

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”
—Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Are you already flooded in your mind with new year thoughts and resolutions?

Party, music, dance, screams, shouts and what not, to kickstart the entry to the new year?

I had a great start to the new year with friends, loud music, crazy dance steps, very enthusiastic singing and hope you did too.

And now, I’m pondering is that all that one would want to start the new year with? Is there anything most important that we have missed out? Whilst there are a lot of questions running in my mind, I’m trying to jot them and finally came up with this list of the most important that you and I should inculcate in life to become a better version of ourselves than the last year, precisely, yesterday.

So, what’s that Devoting 40 mean?

When music and partying is important for a social person – the extrovert, there is something more important for an introvert and in fact, this is common for both of the categories. They are the life carving methods for a better version of self. And what best time of the year could we be than today to promise ourselves to become good, healthy, better, and most importantly, happy.

Devoting 40 means spending 10 minutes daily and making the following habits a routine.

  • Reading (10 minutes)
  • Exercising (10 minutes)
  • Journaling (10 minutes)
  • Sitting Idle (10 minutes)

10 minutes – Reading

How many books have you read? Or should I ask, have you read any books at all?

If your answer is no to the latter, then it is the best time to start reading one. For you to improve yourselves, you need to have the worldly knowledge and it just doesn’t come with going out daily. That kind of knowledge i.e. the wisdom is possible only when you read.

Reading opens the mind to a completely new world. You need input to output something. When that output has to be meaningful to you and to others, then you should let meaningful and insightful input into you and you will get both the benefit of inputting and outputting through Reading. 10 minutes and that is all.

10 minutes – Exercising

Firstly, Cheers to all you – Physical and Mental Fitness freaks. Your exercising habit is the most needed gold of the moment.

Now, reality. If you are planning to exercise or have it in your resolution list already, then start today. Exercising to body and mind is very crucial and this habit will help you reach heights.

Exercising leads to opening the mind. It would allow you to think sensibly, make informed decisions, scrutinize problems and help you tackle it wisely, and keeps you happy. The maturity and the perspective that you would develop by opening your mind is innumerable and exquisite.

Meditation is the first path to any exercise. It is also called sitting in silence, warming up, different names like these. Meditation is sitting in silence and allowing the thoughts to just flow and acknowledge it. With acknowledging, you accept the thoughts to come and then put it aside to stay in silence. Start meditating at least 10 minutes daily to see the massive difference soon.

10 minutes – Journaling

Have you thought of jotting down before?

Did you know, jotting down your thoughts and anger and any feeling inside your mind, body, and heart will help you overcome it if it is negative and will help you achieve it if it is a dream or a goal?

But, how? – It is the science and nature that tells, what we seek is seeking us. We, of course, wouldn’t want the negative to seek us and by writing, we are letting it go in the air and with positive affirmative writing, we are making the path for it to come true. And daily reminders on these positive notes will imbibe in us the thought and determination to achieve it sturdy and strong.

Start, today, with 10 minutes to write your everyday happenings and feelings and see the difference.

10 minutes – Sitting Idle

Yes, you read it right. Just sit idle doing nothing. Sometimes, sitting idle would help you achieve more than working aimlessly for hours. The 10 minutes of sitting with yourself can challenge your mind to think beyond its abilities and precipitate new ideas and thoughts.

So, just sit idle and enjoy the positivity around you.

So start living your life better and daily grow yourselves intellectually and physically fit and mentally strong. Become the best version of you that you cannot stop loving any second.


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