February 18, 2019

Religion and Spirituality (or) Spirituality and Religion

What is Religion?

It is a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects – says the Dictionary.

Religion is a group of beliefs that is not personal, but believes that the truth is what is written on the scriptures and you must abide by it.  

As a result, Religion

  • tells you to believe.
  • has its own dogmas.
  • wants mere obedience.
  • talks of hell, sin, and wrongdoings.
  • wishes to comfort you.
  • is apparent.
  • is the shape.
  • wants to convert you.
  • is an association.

What is Spirituality?

According to dictionary – The quality or fact of being spiritual.

You will discover that spirituality will change you in life. It will give you the meaning, direction, and purpose of your birth. It will also help you in the transformation as a real person, give you self realisation to overcome the worst in yourselves, better yourselves in order to find the extraordinary aspects of your life on earth.

In short, Spirituality is

  • an Odyssey.
  • wants to motivate you.
  • the core.
  • within.
  • wants to set you free.
  • speaks of karma.
  • wants trial and error.
  • has wisdom pedagogy.
  • asks you to look around.

Spirituality gives you the power to believe in yourself and to do the right thing. It allows you to listen to your heart shutting down all the other forceful factors giving a single view.

On the other hand, religion is something that is bound to be done in a systematic way with many do’s and dont’s, regardless of how you feel. And once that path is chosen, there is no space for mistakes. Whilst Spirituality awakens tranquility, religion arouses credence.

The path to success can be achieved in two ways

+ Spiritually – by letting go of negativity and accepting good things are on the way, or else, through

+ Religionism – by  joining hands and expecting a miracle to take place by itself without any effort put in

In short, Religion is a fundamental set of beliefs enforced by a group of people.

Spirituality is a legitimate concept with a room for many perspectives. Some may find that they are spiritually linked to – God, oneself, nature, relationships that simply leads to a deep sense of aliveness.

On the other hand, Religion is purely based on the worship of anything that is difficult to understand, a belief that there is something superior to human beings, a power to control all the happenings.

Some choose to follow things in a systematic way and a few others wants to be able to do as one wishes.

Spirituality is …………………….
Religionism is ……………………

a connection to the moment.
a connection to the righteous.

believes in no external power.
abiding by hidden power.

knowing there is a reason behind everything.
accepting what goes around, comes around.

requests you to give away your present attachments for a happy present moment.
demands you to offer your present attachments as favours to their blind belief for a promised future.

asks you to ward off what is trivial.
limits you to fix norms and practices.

building and valuing human relationships.
having a blind faith on a brick temple.

helps to attain joyous living.
limiting oneself to narrow creeds.

The main differences between Religion and Spirituality

1. Spirituality comes with no rules

It lets you listen to your heart, motivates you to follow your intuition and finally encourages you to do what you feel is right for others around you and also yourself.

It rewards you with happiness and complacency.

2. Spirituality spreads love and curtails fear

Religion is lots of fear. Fear of after-effects of your actions, fear of what your circle might think, fear of what may happen after you die and lots more.

Nevertheless, in spirituality, there is Love and Love only. It allows you to invest your energy only in the good and respond to anything with love. It is hampering fear from stopping you.

3. Spirituality allows you to discover the truth

Spirituality allows you to find out these questions and answers by yourselves. Contrastingly, Religion tells you how the cosmos were created, and explains why humans existed on earth.

4. Spirituality unites

In the world, there are numerous religions preaching their own practices and methods to connect within their group. It divides you from being close to the other people in case they do not belong to your religion. But spirituality unites people of all cadres and self-realization is the bliss point.

Disclaimer: This is completely my thoughts and is not in any way de-promoting religious activities.

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