January 23, 2019

Reverse your aging with Meditation

Does someone who meditates age at a slow pace? It seems very unlikely, doesn’t it? Practically, how could sitting like a statue with the eyes closed, concentrating on the breath, possibly keep aging at bay?

That said, Buddha – surely the meditator prodigy – is renowned to have lived to 80, which was an exceptionally ripe old age in 5th century BCE India. And according to the Buddhist sacred texts, it was due to food poisoning that he passed away and not the age really. Doesn’t that sound surprising? So this is with the past millennium.  

With the current trends, you don’t even have to look afar to unveil the innumerable anti-aging products. There are thousands of brands that praises anti-aging and shows itself worthy to buy and are available on the market within reach. Withal, unnumbered hours of research have gone into the topic to aid people to answer one of mankind’ common yet greatest questions: How do we slow the aging process? And surprisingly, after so many anecdotal substantiations, one of the best anti-aging techniques is something as simple as Meditation.

Regardless of which millennia we are in, Meditation remains to be the stressbuster and in slowing down the aging process. Often times, depression, anxiety, stress, and emotions negatively have a toll on our day-to-day lives. Wrinkles, back pain, white hair, unhealthy eating habits, weak vision, lack of sleep are common signs of aging not just in the mid-aged people but also amongst a lot of teenagers as well. It seems inevitable that aging will gradually get the best of us.

You can just think of someone that you know who has gone through a significantly rough and a stressful period of their lives. How much has that traumatic experience made them look older?

There is actually more to meditation and anti-aging than our own anecdotal observations.

How Stress Impacts Our Bodies?

In today’s fast-moving world, our bodies and minds have forgotten the fight mode and we are always on the flight mode.

We are exposed to a lot of stressful situations like being late to pick up the children from school, failing to meet an important target at work, missing on foods, regretting about not being able to spend time with family and if we get that chance, we are just physically present and mentally thinking about the deadlines at work. We are supplied with a lot of thoughts that are enough to keep us occupied and hindering us to be in the present. Modern life repeatedly involves traveling from one stressful situation to another.

Meditation as an Anti-Aging solution

Whilst there are a lot of anecdotal sayings on how meditation has helped one in regaining the youthfulness for long, I have penned down the reasons and the authentication.

There is a growing body of evidence that practicing meditation regularly really can slow aging – at the cellular level.

+ Meditation actually has the ability and power to hamper the acceleration of cellular aging by adding to telomerase activity.

Elizabeth Blackburn – a Nobel Prize winner – discovered telomeres. Telomeres are the shielded caps on the end of chromosomes. Her research said that the shorter your telomeres are, the more unsheltered you are to disease and degeneration. Luckily,  those who practice meditation daily are proven to have longer telomeres, by an average of 10%. Possessing longer telomeres were affiliated with notable psychological traits, like increased happiness, life satisfaction, decreased stress levels, and staying at ease.

+ Regular meditation curtails negative emotions to endeavor towards a healthier, peaceful, and a happy mind.

Meditation releases emotions and happy hormones called the Dopamines that have been bottling up in our body to comfort constraints, negativity, and tension. Instead of shying away from those negative emotions, Meditation will teach us to acknowledge its presence and upfront face those difficult challenges in a relaxed and calm manner. With meditation, it will become a practice to become open-minded and be engaged with various thoughts and emotions. The main principle is to assuage the youthfulness with openness and acceptance.

+ Meditation supplies a daily dose of energy into our body.

The starting point of meditation is deep breathing, that brings oxygen deep down into our lungs. It acts as an energizer to alleviate anxiety and stress. Heavy supply of oxygen aids to revive our skin, thus orienting our mental state with our physical state.

In essence, meditation is the time for us to merely focus on ourselves and overpass the gap between our body and mins. When we are alert of our well being, we will certainly make a greater effort in bolstering our health.

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