March 01, 2019

Ways to start your spiritual practice today

Spirituality: the quality of being concerned with the human spirit and soul as opposed to material and physical things – says Google.

It is not completely involving oneself to some unseen power and at the same time, not just ignore it. It is a thin-line balance that you would learn in your upcoming days once you have decided your path. Many of us want to adapt to spirituality into our lives and the harsh truth is we don’t know where to start. And finally, our monkey mind would give us ideas that both of us will know for sure, that it won’t work.

A superhero works really hard to stay fit and healthy in all aspects of his or her life. And that is nutrition to mental health. It might seem skeptical and daunting, but adding up to your spirituality is imperative to become an all-around better human being.

To adopt the steps of spiritual practice today, follow these steps below.

Take baby steps

Try not to stress too much about inculcating new beliefs or practices. They may feel abstract and complicated. Be in the lookout for things that will second with you whilst maintaining relevance to your lifestyle.

Practice kindness

Practice kindness and always act with compassion. You must be kind to yourself so you can spread your kindness to the world. Sync with your heart and practice listening to it because your heart and subconscious already know what you want to become. If something does not feel right or good, regardless of how much coherence is involved, just don’t do it.

Silence yourself

Simply sit in silence and focus on your breath for 5 to 10 minutes once or twice in a day. It need not be any complicated than sitting in silence. Allow yourself some time away from your routine disturbances like mobile phones, Social Media, and the TV.  The best gift to spirituality is tuning yourselves inwardly.


Commit, commit, and commit to whatever you are doing. Simply commit to your practice. Build discipline and avoid becoming lazy. Be it 10 minutes sitting in silence, a run, yoga, exercises, a solo stroll – simply do it – without complaining and procrastinating.

Be half full

Focus on what you have in the present, instead of cribbing about what you don’t have. Before you hit the sacks, write down at least 3 – 4 things that happened on the day that you can be grateful for. This will help you realize that you have the most abundance wishes.

Accept change

Change is constant always. Endure accepting any change because, with every new adoption, change is inevitable.

Decide who you want to become

Spend some time analyzing yourselves and laying thoughts on who you want to be. Ruminate about how you would prefer to react to something. Do not forget the impact that you would have brought with you. With all these contemplations, start to adopt a similar thought process and behavior patterns. Practice being a better version of you.

Observe and accept what you see

With new thought process and awareness comes new information. And, this information will give you insights. Look at you without any judgment or analysis. You may be unhappy at a certain point, but the best thing that you can do is accept what you see and trust that the awareness will come as you mature and grow.

Get writing

Journaling is the best tool for self-reflection and self-analysis. Every morning spend 10 – 20 minutes writing your thoughts and mind. It needn’t be logical but write everything that strikes your mind. These writings will guide your thoughts as you advance in your mission.

Take good care of yourself

Have you been thinking that your physical state has literally nothing to do with your spiritual mind? You may want to rethink here. Exercise, discipline, sticking to a regimen etc will reflect on your spirituality and better you as a person day by day.

Find the group

Mingle with people that support your cause and you. You should also let go of things when you find it no longer serves your purpose.

Forget and forgive

Spiritual means happy, optimistic, and hopeful about everything in and around you. You can feel this only if you have positive thoughts because your negative mind will not allow it. Though it is a very difficult task to forget and forgive, with constant practice, you will find yourselves in an era full of happiness and bliss. Your inner self would not get disturbed by the outwardly fast world. So forget and forgive to adopt spirituality.

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