Live a stress free life with keeping meditation in your daily routine
December 29, 2018

Start practicing today to live a happy life daily

As we are approaching the new year, i.e. the new start of the life where we have taken a step to live happily and elated, we have already achieved a milestone. The thought that we should stop whining about and become happy itself is a major mark because we have realized that we weren’t really happy in the past. This means we have identified us in being in an unhappy state, it could be for any reasons – ourselves, external environment, over possessiveness, anger, discomfort, unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep, etc.

Let us tap ourselves on the back for taking a pledge to stay happy going forward, and how best could it turn out to be. As we are approaching the new year 2019, let us take an oath starting today that we will stay only happy and satisfied for a ‘healthy me’ and this will be directly proportional to keeping the people around us also healthy. Practicing these tips daily is definitely the most influential way towards a happy and contented life and you will see how these tips will talk you into a better you.

+ Gratitude: Be thankful for everything

(i) Maintain a daily gratitude journal and every day write at least 3 things that happened that day and you are grateful for

(ii) Keep a Gratitude Board. This can be a whiteboard, a bulletin board, a chalkboard, or any type of board, that you can write and post your gratitude for the day. Keep it in a place where you can see it daily and remind yourself about how happy you are.

(iii) Practice the habit of sharing the good moments of your day with your family or friends every night at dinner or when you sit for a chit-chat. Realizing that you have to tell something good that happened every day will exercise your brain to look for only the good things.

(iv) Understand what makes you very happy and do more of that. Be it anything – from singing to dancing to cooking to gardening to listening to music, literally anything.

+ Giving: Give things to others

(i) Compliment other, often, but in a sincere way. This practice will let you lift someone’s spirits and make their day. By complimenting their attitude, style, beauty, work or anything else you genuinely find excellent will help them be more positive about themselves and you will be seen as a person who is genuinely uplifting and good to have around.

(ii) Say ‘Thank You’ to all who makes your life easier – the cashier, the cab driver, people who work for you, etc.

(iii) Why not try writing a letter to the local police department, department of any service bodies thanking them for the service and help they provide you each day. — just try.

(iv) Hold the door open for the person entering behind you.

(v) Donate extra food to the people in needy instead of binning it.

+ Empathize: Connecting with others

(i) Say “I love you” to the people you love – your spouse, parents, kids, siblings, friends.

(ii) Hug someone you care for and love.

(iii) Tell your colleagues how much you appreciate the work they do and be specific with each. This will show them that you are genuinely interested.

(iv) Practice to listening mindfully when someone is talking to you or seeking help.

(v) Every day, have a gadget-free lunch with your colleagues and dinner with your family or friends. This way you will influence others to practice good things.

+ Exercise: Your body needs your attention

(i) Take a walk daily and most importantly, smile when you walk.

(ii) Do stretching and jumping jacks. This facile, do-anywhere exercise will certainly give you a very quick energy boost and get the blood flowing really well. It will also help in getting your creative nerves and juices flowing, so when you are feeling stressed or stuck, take this great break.

(iii) Do a headstand, they are a great way to supply fresh oxygen, blood, and nutrients to your brain.

(iv) This is so common, but worthy. Avoid elevators and escalators and take the stairs.

(v) Go for a walk, bike ride or hike with someone you like – friend or spouse or maybe even alone. Going outside in nature has a restorative effect. Research has proven that just 15 minutes of daily walking in a park or forest strengthened feelings of relaxation.

(vi) Meditate daily for at least 10 minutes. Sitting in silence will help you understand your self and make you a better decision maker and regulate your thought process.

+ Accept: Be happy with yourself

(i) Daily practice loving-kindness meditation. This meditation will cultivate the consciousness that happiness is definitely accessible and free-flowing to us all the time.

(ii) Heed what your self-talk is like – are you constantly judging and criticizing yourself? If yes, practice talking to yourself like how you would talk to a friend or your loved one.

(iii) Always, I repeat Always, have an open mind. Self-acceptance and the lesser you care for what others think will keep you happy and satisfied. This will allow you to free your mind and widen your horizons.

(iv) Challenge yourself daily. Maintain a challenge note to solve daily. This way of stepping outside your comfort zone daily will start to grow rapidly. The challenge can be big or small your like depending on your mood. But challenge yourself daily.

(v) Upbring yourself. Treat yourself to a head and a body massage, a spa, and once in a while take a warm bath. This will keep you calm and composed and has so many positive effects.

+ Implementation: Keep learning new things

(i) Pose more questions. Hoarding your mind wide and open to the wonders of the world is a boosting fuel for your creativity and wild imagination.

(ii) Visits to the museum or a historical site in your city will open your mind to thinking in a new dimension. You never know, you may start inculcating the really interesting habits for your daily living.

(iii) Practice a new sport, try out a yoga class, or participate in an activity in your area. The studies have proved that learning new sports rockets the masses of gray matter in the parts of your brain that is responsible for motor movement.

(iv) Learn to write, draw, play an instrument, cook a new meal, or learn a foreign language. Constant learning will help in exercising your brain thus contributing to your self-confidence, boosting creativity and making your brain sharp.

(v) Give lessons in what you already know to others based on their interest quotient. You definitely don’t want to bore them up in educating about what others are not interested in. Teaching others strengthens you to a new perspective and many a time leads to a deeper understanding of the subject.

+ Endurance: Become a punching bag and bounce back

(i) Make it a must to listen to your favorite happy song at full volume and sing along with it loud!

(ii) Meditate, Meditate, Meditate. The most recommended way to construct strength in the mind, heart, and the spirit. If you’re new to meditation, commence with just a few minutes of concentrating on your inhaling and exhaling of your breath. When you get distracted – which definitely you will – don’t just give up and start it over again. Get the help of guided meditations, like Headspace, Breathe, Calm, Oak etc.

(iii) Smile, give a wide smile. There are proven studies that the body can manoeuvre the brain into believing it’s happy by bending the zygomatic major muscle, also called the smiling muscle. Thus,  whenever you are feeling downhearted, cheer up and twist the corners of your mouth into a semi U shape and your brain will instantly get the signal to become happy.

(iv) Be curious. As opposed to judging disappointments and setbacks as failures or negativity, proceed towards them with curiosity and interest, like a scientist. Find ways of how you could make it better the next time. Take everything as a new learning experience and you will see yourself moving forward always.

(v) Bend into the pain. While this sounds counterintuitive, remember that a lot of our struggles stem from the resistance and endurance we employ to evade being uncomfortable and uneasy. Often, once we accept the pain, fear, discomfort, sadness etc., we let go of the power it has consumed in us and we will start seeing it as the temporary state which it truly is.

I hope, my tips have provided some motivation and inspiration to uncover your own good and healthy ways to live a happier and more meaningful and satisfied life. Start practicing it one by one and you will see a major difference eventually. These tips for a happy life will not only keep you happy but will serve as an inspiration for others to learn from you and start following you.

What more pleasure can you get when someone learns something from you.

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