January 18, 2019

Subjugate frustration and succumb to happiness

The conundrum with frustration is that it captivates and cripples in on anyone, however, it will be very difficult to speck exactly where it stems from. And it will hit on anyone – regardless of age and gender – anytime, anywhere. It is a feeling of irritation and negative disturbance.

So, let us jot down to what is frustration really? If we check in the dictionary, it mentions to us that it’s the feeling and sensation of being upset and exasperated as an upshot of not being able to undergo a change or pull off something. It is also hinderance of the progress, success, or fulfillment of something. This doesn’t give us much of information or an in-depth explanation of how to subdue frustration, does it?

Whilst we can’t explain how one feels when frustrated or annoyed, we can find the root reason causing that feeling.

The reason behind your frustration is definitely perplexing and complicated, nevertheless, I have run through different — yet common — reasons of frustration, because once the source is found, you’ll be able to get it right back on track.

1.Experience your failure as a lesson

Lack of success or the so-called term ‘failure’ has an attitude of shifting our way of thinking and outlook to a clear and unknown sense of lack. It’s very normal to get frustrated over a failure. When we are ambitious, we are frequently hit by failure after failure, which apparently leads to frustration. The ambitious nature will instigate us to try all that comes to our mind and in the process of trying, when we don’t logically process step by step, we fail.

Rather than seeing those small mistakes as a failure, you should take a note from Thomas Edison’s as he has told:

” …didn’t fail, [but] …discovered 10,000 ways that didn’t work.”

We are put on the test every day with small and big things, even if we don’t triumph, we should learn from the experience of what and where the things went wrong.

By changing your outlook on failure, you will leave no stone unturned and it is an opportunity to discover more new things. Failure can give rise to developing stronger willpower, but it all starts with seeing it as the inception and not as an end.

2. Just focus on today, precisely Now

Anxiety is at the top in today’s generation and world succumbed to technology. It is the most common mental health disturbances confronted by youth. While anxiety can’t be described or simplified by just one thing, it is understandable that the pressure on producing the expected future and the perfect life has put a bigger pressure on the next generation these days.

Whilst it is vital to create and blueprint a future, in the process of that you shouldn’t let the frustration of not knowing what’s ahead of you destroy your mood. It can swamp and engulf  anyone to stress about tomorrow and the upcoming years.

Rather than expecting on what’s coming tomorrow, you should focus on today, more precisile on the Now. Today is the day you have in hand, and this moment is precious. If you don’t take control of Now, you cannot go back and take control over any other day. Today is the day for you to do anything and nothing.

Pause for a moment to breathe and seize the opportunities you have. If you have been constantly putting off something, then start it now. If you haven’t had fun for a while, because you’ve been too busy and frustrated and focused on tomorrows problems, then take this day off and go have some fun.

Today is the only day that you have real control of.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others

Though we live in a competitive world – which isn’t exactly breaking news – after over muse of social media, we have added fuel to the fire.

Once we are on the social media handles, we are in instantaneous know about other people’s lives and their activities. While it can look a free entertainment magazine, it’s imperative to remember — like the magazines — it’s a clouded reality too. Most of us know that we are looking at an adulterated reality, but we still get jealous and frustrated by small things.

Going offline for a week or two may have a significant change in you.  Apparently, we are in a situation where we can’t just completely shun our phone from our lives. We still need to be able to contact our family, friends, and work, but we have access to delete all our social media apps on the phone. And that is one of the biggest steps.

4. Break free from the rut you’re stuck in

The main problem with being stuck in a rut is that most of them goes through it, but it’s hard to speck where our frustration comes from with this one.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of a posh life we are living, nevertheless, in the end, we all get drilled by repeating the same thing over and over again.

It can be precarious and sensitive because you can be very happy with your life, but still, have a feeling that you’re stuck in a rut.

Daily mundanes are what that keeps us going, but it’s also what gradually hinders us down and wearies us up.

I’m not recommending that you quit your job or leave your family and buy a one-way ticket to somewhere afar. I’m recommedning to let go of that frustration by spicing something new to your life or relinquish something that no longer sounds meaningful to you.

Try brining into practice something that you have always wanted to do but feel like you couldn’t.

5. Be thankful for what you have

Most humans have programmed their mind and heart to always look for betterment over what they have — how can they make their relationship better, is there a better person over the existing partner, better work and most rarely, a better themselves? Sometimes, they get so focused on what they are missing that they clearly lose sight of what is in front of them.

It’s okay to ask for more and let the emotion of frustration to hit you, but keep it as a quick reaction instead of a state of mind.

It’s easy to sob on what you want, but realize what you have for a second instead.

Let us assume you are having a hard time with either family, partner, work or friends. Let us assume that either of them is not working out at all at the moment. Then it is wise to look at the other things you have running smoothly for you.

Confront yourself: Do you have a good life mainly? Do you really appreciate what you have around you?

You are most likely going to find at least one thing that you appreciate and are satisfied in your life. Now, bring your focal point on that good and welcome the feeling of appreciation in.

6. Recoup your power if you’re feeling let down

We always enjoy and want to in control of ourselves, nonetheless, there is always something that we can’t control. It could be someone at work, a friend of ours, a family member; which leads us to feel powerless or feeling let down.

It would be great and easy if you could just ward off yourself from the circumstance that makes you feel powerless; regrettably, that is not always an option.

The cold truth to digest is that we can never ever control everything. The good news is we have the power to control ourselves to an extent over years of practice and control some stuff. Practice regaining power in a different aspect of your life, in which you actually have a say in.

Things like other people’s emotions and likeness towards us and sickness are the major two things out of many that are out of our control and can never be. It is no use fighting a lost battle. Discover something you can have a hold on.

It can be simple things like learning a new language, setting a fitness goal, or it might be bigger decisions like quitting your job or getting yourself out of a toxic relationship.

You will understand that you are not powerless by taking back power somewhere you actually can.

7. Face your fear

Frustration is a reaction to fear. Fear is certainly a scary thing but it is the life of small things that have been building up so far.

It would have started with a small task, but by pushing it or adding to it for a long time, it expands and it finally settles after creating fear and frustration. These common fears will hold you back.

The only thing you can do is fight your fear and to start taking baby steps today, at this moment and face the thing you are scared of. It is never as bad as we contemplate and later we will end up feeling free and lifted.

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