February 20, 2019

Everything about Tantra Yoga

Tantra yoga also called Tantric yoga is one of the forms of yoga that uses various rituals to examine and study the universe, well through human microcosm. Tantra means to expand or to weave in Sanskrit. The ideology is to weave together numerous yoga practices along with other spiritual styles and teachings so as to assemblage with each other and the universe.

Regular practice will assist you in sync with the real you, help you achieve your goals. This yoga, when practiced with your partner, will bolster your relationship.

This yoga seeks to balance the human instincts to attain enlightenment. The rituals influence its practitioners to develop kundalini energy so it pours from the top.

The rituals include:

  • Mantras
  • Yantras
  • Meditation
  • Mudras
  • Breathing exercises
  • Asanas
  • Physical and ritual cleaning
  • Visualization of deities

Tantra yoga is also related to sex, however, it is not only about sex. Yes, it does improve your sex life because this form of yoga is involved with touching your own body and understanding the energy flow. Tantric practices including the yoga focus on subtle energies in the body to improve physical wellbeing and enhance spiritual growth.

Why Practice Tantra Yoga?

The goal of Tantra Yoga is three-fold:

  1. To thrive
  2. To prosper
  3. To blend the spiritual world and the material world

In a single body, it works on five different sections part by part to influence the goodness throughout:

  1. Wisdom body (the inner teacher)
  2. Physical body
  3. Mental or Emotional body
  4. Energetic body
  5. Bliss body

Each of these bodies individually has its own strengths and weaknesses that are hidden deep down. Bringing these strengths to meet at a point is when a human gains control over the mind and worldly desires. This is possible through Tantra yoga. After all, the ultimatum is eternal bliss.

Tantra yoga stems from the traditional Hatha yoga and binds together other yoga styles like  Bhakti, Karma, Kundalini, Raja and more. However, Tantra yoga is not just that but it also leaves its traces on Ayurveda, astrology, gemology, chanting, etc.

3 Tantra Yoga Postures

This yoga practice is a vinyasa practice which means a smooth transition from one posture to the next. It then advances the physical body to involve pranayama, meditation so the practitioner will connect with the body’s subtle energies.

The yoga poses include:

Boat Pose

This pose helps in strengthening and stretching the muscles and when your partner is involved, it will help you connect at the root levels with each other and self.

How to do: Sit on the floor opposite to each other. Reach out to your partner’s hand with your arms outside your legs. Start with bending your knees to raise your legs until you have your feet against your partner’s. As you are trying to intersect at the point, ensure to straightening your legs whilst lifting your feet towards the sky.

Yab Yum

Usually, the taller person – the man – sits cross-legged on the floor. The other partner – the lady – then hops on to their partner’s thighs with the ankles crossed around the partner’s back. The foreheads should touch whilst having your back straight. Do remember to keep your breathing really deep and slow.

You will notice that your breath will synchronize with each other. You can either have your eyes closed or looking into each other’s eyes will help you connect really deep.


In this yoga, you may want to sit cross-legged facing your partner. Then place your right hand on your partner’s heart and vice versa. And then you and your partner will repeat to have your hands placed on the other side of the chest. This will be a criss-cross touching each other.

You will notice tuning in to the heart’s beating and the energy around the heart chakra. The feeling then becomes incredibly radiant and will help you bring your breath into harmony.

Tantra yoga is all about intimacy when practiced with your partner. It helps aligning each other’s and also the self’s thoughts, desires, dreams, and wishes. Regardless of what your goal is to achieve from Tantra Yoga, practicing alone or practicing with your partner has its enough share of benefits and you will see a newer you as the days age. Tantra yoga is known to add meaning to your life, your actions, and your personality.

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