the science behind meditation
January 02, 2019

The Science behind meditation

What strikes your mind when you first think of meditation?

Do you recall an old yogi sitting with long beards under a tree closing his eyes? (or)

Do you visualize old people or some young chap dressed in white gone into some nirvana state? (or)

Do you hear some voice in your head of someone who would have told you, focus, focus, focus on your breath or being all your focus to one point that you can feel (or)

Do you remember reading these instructions on the internet when you googled for ‘what is meditation and its benefits?

It’s no wonder, you have imaged it right in your brain – already.

So, what’s the science behind meditation?

The dictionary says, ‘Meditation is continued or extended thought; contemplation; reflection’. It is tricking the brain to bring all the attention on one thing and one thing only to comprehend and practice patience, selflessness, compassion, focus and lots more. I said tricking because the mind won’t allow you to do that and you’ll realize it for yourselves as to how difficult it would be to control the mind, bring together the strewn thoughts and get it to focus on one thing only.

It is really not a woo-woo thing but when practiced regularly and religiously, you would be able to realize the umpteen benefits that meditation will bring to you and your body and your mind. Meditation is weightlifting to your brain.

Meditation lessens Beta Waves.
Beta waves are the bunch of useless junk that your brain processes thus obstructing you from focusing on what is significant. And, guess what – focused meditation or mindfulness meditation when practiced for the first time will also have a notable decrease in reducing the beta waves. Now, how cool does this sound?

Meditation aids you Focus.
With lesser beta waves producing in your brain, the brain processes lesser junk and the process of lesser junk helps in increasing your attention span and focusing abilities. The researchers have discovered that 20 minutes of meditation for 4 times a week will increase your focusing strengths multifold and it has a cumulative effect.

Meditation multiples Creativity.
For anyone who wants to achieve big things, Creativity will be their bread and butter. As you have already guessed it, meditation will help you increase your creative skills as it is a synchronization of your left and right brain intersecting at a point where creativity will ooze out. It’s just not it, the brains get activated for blossoming thus gushing out unique ideas and thoughts.

Meditation ebbs Anxiety.
Ebbing off anxiety is one of the highly attested and proven science behind meditation. Anxiety is associated with the beta waves where the brain is constantly reminded about worrying for everything and even worrying about things that are yet to happen and practicing meditation will ebb this off and will keep your mind relaxed and at ease.

Meditation decreases your need for Sleep.
Yes, you read it right. Meditation decreases your need for sleep. While in your initial days, you are prone to quick naps during meditation, this will change gradually when you practice it daily. One of the most interesting things we know is that it makes you need less sleep. It is proved after various researches that 40 minutes of meditation is a better means of resting than 40 minutes of sleep.

Meditation makes you Observant.
People who meditate religiously are more perceptive than those who don’t. Briefly, the meditation practitioners needed a relatively shorter period of time to register the happenings in their mind and acknowledge stimuli than their counterparts.

Meditation increases your Brain’s size.
How about having a bigger brain? – then MEDITATE. It will aid your brain to grow bigger by ameliorating your gray matter. Whilst this subject is still under discovery to be proven, who minds trying this healthy step out and also you know that scientifically it helps in increasing the mass of your brain.

Meditation lets you be more Empathetic.
You will become a more empathetic leader, a friend, and a partner when you meditate as meditation helps you cultivate that compassion and empathy. When this becomes one of your goals, you will find yourself being more compassionate.

Meditation helps you remember.
The same study that discovered meditation made you empathetic also discovered that it aided with swift memory recalls. So, it won’t just assist you to remember things but it will help you to recall them faster.

The above listed are few common and important science behind meditation, why not start meditation and unveil more hidden science behind it.

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