December 17, 2018

Do ‘Meditate’ for a happier and healthier life

If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.
– Lao Tzu. 

Thanks to him for having enlightened a lot of minds that are practicing meditation today and have made it a must in their life for a better well-being. 

I’m sure you have read a lot on the subject: Meditation, already and are motivated to start practicing it. Well, we humans have monkey minds that keep forgetting a lot of things and a lot of attention spans. Albeit we get motivated immediately after reading the posts and the blogs, our monkey minds will not allow us to follow a practice new because of losing the comfort zone. The mind usually doesn’t let a human being to get into new habits as it will lose the comfort of being lazy and try new challenges as it involves adopting totally new and something out of the comfort zone. The motivation keeps changing timely because of the nature of the mind and it is highly challenging to stick to the motivated mind for long, but if stuck, then you are going to achieve new heights.

So, with all that motivation story and the nature of monkey minds explained enough, wondering what’s coming in for you? Well, it is on the ‘Benefits of meditation’. Meditation is so important and needed at the time and trust me, it will take you to the different level of leading life. Yes, this is absolutely true and worth straining your mind for it.

To all the readers out there, it is a request to practice meditation and know the benefits for you. I practice meditation and the metamorphosis that I have found in me is brilliant. I can vouch for it anytime, any day, and to anyone. You will definitely do that once you start seeing its effect on you. After all, it is very good to spread good things. And your positive vibes will get contagious when experienced by many.

Find out for yourselves as to how meditating daily will keep you happy – and your surroundings too.

+ Meditation kicks your day off good

Well, if you or if you are not a morning person, as soon as you wake up, spend 15 – 20 minutes of the start by closing your eyes and observing your breath. I understand how daunting it could feel, I did feel that too and that’s why I’m able to relate, nevertheless, try, try and try – you will feel awesome. If you are scared of sleeping again, then keep an alarm to wake you up after 15 – 20 minutes. Initially, you are going to feel dizzy but in the long run, you will get used to it and would have started experiencing its benefits already.

Sitting calm for a while will allow you to traverse through your mind and gush you out with positiveness after or not a good night’s sleep. The morning when you wake up, your mind usually functions fresh and that’s why you usually don’t remember anything bad immediately after you wake up. It is a very little time that you get before your mind remembers from the previous night and so it is highly important to utilize that time and make it beneficial to you. And so, Meditate.

+ Meditation amplifies positivity

The rationale behind meditation is to ward off the mind from thinking negative or spreading negativity. The practice of meditation ticks you off from thinking about anything that is injurious to your health. It understands the need for a healthy brain and so will always keep the positivity flowing both from within and outside and will act as a shield to your mind and hamper all the bad things.

+ Meditation induces creativity

There are simple amino acids such as glutamate (glutamic acid) and molecules like oxytocin, epinephrine (adrenaline), and somatostatin. Dopamine – most popularly known as the happy hormone – plays an important role in the brain itself and also in inducing creativity. When the mind is happy and positive, there is a lot of room space to think and this thinking will activate the brain to take up challenges and finally get you creative. So, meditate to multiple your creative skills and excel in whatever you are doing.

+ Meditation allows you to understand you

Sitting calm in a place without talking but letting the mind have a conversation with you is not as simple as it is to read. It is one of the most difficult things to do and you can easily tick that off once you start practicing meditation. It is very difficult but do not give up and stay very firm to practice that and you will understand why. It will discover a whole new companion for the life which you would have always looked from someone else. How better could it get when that someone becomes the own you.

+ Meditation hampers anxiety and depression

A sad mind will always keep you low and will want you to shy away from everything, even things that you are good at. It hinders your self-confidence, self-esteem, and every self-thing possible and will allow you to be comfortable in the sad zone that you are in. Practice meditation to fight that and become extremely self-confident and positive with your life.

Bottom line: Every new exercise will sound daunting and doubtful until you start. So, start meditating and understand what’s best for you because there could be no better person to understand that. And the best thing about meditation is, you can do it anywhere at any time.


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