February 06, 2019

Tips for a guided meditation to kiss your kids a happy night

Meditation: how strange did this word sound before a decade? Or at least it was not familiar and popular as it is now. And the best part about Meditation is, the practitioners have recommended it to try on kids as well. I understand you don’t need a practitioner to tell this, nevertheless, when it comes from the lion’s mouth, I presume most of the people ruminate over its significance.

Yeah, so it is meditation for kids, this time. How do you get them to sit still and do nothing when there are many grown-ups who struggle to sit like that?

But the truth is, it is not as appalling as it sounds. Because you can get a kid to listen to you but not a grown up. You can not assure if that elder is even hearing you, and that is not the case with the kids. All that you need to understand is the way you should talk to them so they hear you. And that is going to be challenging. You must remember to be sounding interesting, give proper reactions and show emotions, raise and lower your voice according to the scenario that you are talking about and boom, you have gained their attention.

If you are a parent or a one going to be, then this is going to set you up on a new path which will fetch your kid(s) copious benefits eventually. And trust me, you are going to feel wonderful about that as a parent.

Before getting into the meditation itself, I would like to start off with a few tips that can use to prep your kids before sleep.

Meditation before bedtime is the best for your kid, not for you, parent. And so, get ready for the ride below:

  • Get your kids into wearing the most comfortable dress in the night. And make this a habit, every day. Because detangling the tightness will help them get an unperturbed sleep.
  • Understand that meditation is the time for you to conjoin with your kid(s). You can start by asking them about their day went, what was good and what they found disturbing or unpleasant. This way, you can ensure that the incident doesn’t repeat – you can inform the teacher if need be, you give assurance to your kid to share the sadness with you and you are being supportive, and mainly, you help them forget the situation and have a good night sleep.
  • You can always initiate with some fun and deep breathing exercises. Your kids will start loving it instantaneously unless you don’t initiate a boring start. Breathing exercises can begin by producing funny sounds that the kids might enjoy. Like the sound of a snake – hissssssss hissssssss, bee – bzzzzzzzz or mmmmmmm in your nose, cat – purrrrrrrrr, cow – meeeeeeeeh etc. Imagine that lovely distortion on the face of your kid. This sounds will have helped them unwind their clogged stress or thoughts. They would have now completed their first step successfully.
  • The next is helping your kid(s) be in the present. This again is fun unless they understand the big word – meditation. Get them to lie on their bed flat. You can either have a doll or the hand can be of help. So, you should get your kid(s) to have their hands on the abdomen. And with every inhale and exhale, help them feel the mountain’s ascent and descent. This will kind of be a play whilst meditating. This is great mindfulness meditation and also a way to get them to sleep. In the case of toys, you can use some soft toys to replace the hand on the abdomen.
  • Have some calming music play in the background. Practicing some deep inhales and exhales will help them expand their lungs and breathe with all their lungs.
  • Get your kids to shrink or tighten every part of their body, hold on it for seconds and release it with a thump to let go of the accumulated stress. A couple of this exercise will be fun and would have helped them unfasten their tight muscles.
  • You can seek the help of books about kids meditation. A few of them include Happy Panda, A Handful of Quiet, Sitting Still Like a Frog, and Mindful Monkey. This will also teach the basics of meditation and mindfulness to kid(s).

Have you already pictured this in your mind? Then that is it. This is your basic guided meditation tips to get your kids to practice one before they hit the sack. Have fun parenting!

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