December 31, 2018

Tips for an overflow of Energy and Motivation

How many times have you felt tired of being tired? How many times you have listened to your mind calling from inside that ‘shun off because I’m tired’? It is dreadly like when you wake up in the morning and instead of looking fresh and feeling revived like the folks from the TV adverts, radio sounds, you hate the sound of your morning ticker and hit it on snooze most often. And then you keep hitting it over and over again and finally end up late.

The worse thing is that you have work and assignment that requires to be completed and you literally can’t spare to work hard and toil throughout the day. And no wonder it will look like the forever longest day of your life.

And did you know that there are ways to overhaul this?

As most of us know that our body is a holistic being, a slight change in one area of the body will have a plethora of changes elsewhere in the body. And this changes practiced regularly, you will see a drastic difference from who you were to what you have become. And that is why these changes will make you feel super energetic and super motivated to push the day great.

The changes exert influence on one of the four vital categories of every single you and they are either:


So let us start to befriending these changes if you feel the inadequacy of energy and motivation:


+ Take a walk
Walking is a great exercise for everyone – from toddlers to adults. A morning walk, noon walk, evening and late evening walks at any point of the day will pump the adrenaline and supply you with overflowing energy. It is best recommended in the morning so that you don’t miss out the freshness that you can get for your day, however, for those who don’t have enough time in the morning, can allocate at least 10 to 30 minutes in their day and take a walk. Walking in the park, walking around your house, walking in the greens is all great way to connect with nature and as days pass by, you will realize how beautifully you have changed from within after getting connected with nature.

So, refrain from making excuses and apportion a very small time slot to walk with and in nature.    

+ Daily Naps
How many of you are believing that taking naps after lunch will make you fat and obese and put on weight? Whilst there are shreds of evidence to prove, I am here talking about only naps and not deep lazy sleep.

A nap is any period between 20 and 30 minutes of resting to your eyes and the mind and you will see a great pump of energy once you are up from your napping session. Your mind and brain would have had its portion of rejuvenation and would be fully revived to pump you fresh oxygen and thoughts to start off work. And this kind of napping will not put on weight. This is simply just to refresh yourselves from the first busy half of your day. So daily naps are a great yes-yes for a productive finish.

+ Stretch
Sometimes, stretching is all that you may need. If you feel tired and sloggy for a long time even after a long time from sleep, it clearly means your body is not awake yet. And Stretching will do the magic for you.

An elongation to your body will release the tension and because you don’t exercise, the stiffness occupies and tires your body. So this elongation of your muscles will help you in releasing that stiffness in the body and pump fresh blood throughout.

You can try these simple stretching exercises whilst at work or anywhere where you are working. Neck & Shoulders, Back of the legs, Wrist Stretch, ‘Cow’ & ‘Cat’ Pose, Overhead stretch, Single Leg Squat, Stress ball squeeze, Low lunges, Standing Leg Raises, Seated Hip Stretch, Forward Bend, Eagle Arm Twist, and Spinal Twist. Google can supply you with images that will aid you in figuring out how the stretching should be.


+ Eat what is healthy  
I know how you are already feeling, but listen up, eating what is healthy will have a great effect on you. If you are asking me ‘how on earth can you resist your temptation to cheesy and tasty foods’, then I would say it is extremely difficult but can become easy with a strong mindset and self-control. Rather than eating foods with high sugar, saturated fats, etc, eating protein rich, high fiber foods will help drastically.  

I understand many of you have a strong emotional connection to food and sticking on to that emotions with a tinge of healthy habits in it will calm you emotionally and also keep you in good shape.

+ Call a friend often
Yes, friends can be anybody – your mother, your sibling, your spouse, your friend itself. A friend is a person who you have designated as a friend and need not be a third person actually. Sharing good things and being comfortable in pouring your heart out when you are let down is the definition for a friend. Calling a friend often and releasing the long held feelings and emotions will actually soothe you mentally and give you clarity of how to tackle it. Try it out.

+ Play Games
Yes, you read me right. Playing a game has a significant boost in energy emotionally. It makes you energized from within and having won or lost the game will actually motivate you to play more and win more of them. Did you know, a lot of CEOs are reported to play games during their day as it helps them revive and paves the way to flowing of creativity.


+ Read books
If you aren’t reading daily, you are sinning big time. A person who doesn’t read at all is considered very big sinners. Though most of the people fall asleep whilst reading, it is because of lack of interest or a wrong influence of textbooks and examinations. Nevertheless, if you start reading with the right book, that will become the love of your life.

After reading, you will see your brain and knowledge open up to a completely different next level and you will see yourself growing intellectually.

The thought process in you would have already become so clear and you will excel at making good decisions. You will be looked like a scholar and you will see people approaching you for help in clearing their turmoil situation. Not that you want to become a person who aids in clearing others confusions, but you will start enjoying the way you would love to tackle a situation and set it right.

+ Listening to the music in the background
It doesn’t matter if it is a piece of classical music, pop music, rock, jazz, or even simply white noise. As long as the sound keeps you focussed and boosting, any music will rejuvenate you and help you in bringing your focus at the task you are doing.


+ Meditate
Meditation, great enlightenment for everyone who wants to understand the self. Taking a few minutes off from the day will help your detangle and rewire your mind from confusion.

The whole concept of Meditation has been understood incorrectly by a few. Meditation is not to hamper the thoughts that run in your mind, instead, it is the process of allowing those thoughts to flow in your mind, acknowledge it and continue to remain calm. It is where you acknowledge and regard what is going on in your mind instead of putting it a dead end. With practice, you will train your mind to control the thoughts when you are into some really important work and allocate time slots during the day to think for designated things – like work, personal, for friends, for family, creative thoughts, etc.   

The practice of meditation will help you achieve greater heights and it is a kind of spiritual connection for many. Nonetheless, it depends on the individual to regard Meditation as how they want.

+ Realize the power of ‘Now’
How many times have you put off your today’s work for sometime later or even tomorrow? And when you are doing something, how many times have you left your mind wander around other works that you may have to do next?

Whilst cooking, dining with family, working on  a report, working at the office, grocery shopping, doing the bed and the dishes, exercising, and lots more of chores that you are into – you most often unknowingly end up thinking what other jobs are left in your basket and this thought may stress you out without your control.

And this never-ending cycle of thinking will keep continuing until you are out of breath, energy, motivation to do anything.

The point I’m trying to make here is to stop and just be in the moment — appreciate and delight in the power of now. It supplies so much refreshment to simply gaze at a tree and ponder about nothing except that tree itself. When you live in the moment, it not only gives you the energy but preserves the one which you would otherwise expend thinking and worrying about the future things that you need to do.

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