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January 04, 2019

6 ways to keep you away from a false world

When is the relaxation time, actually? Sundays – I’m certain most of them would have appointments with the family, mommy chores, friend’s meet up; then Evenings – that would have you stuck with homework, tuitions, dinners etc. And mornings, no I don’t want to be in your hate list.

In the midst of this, have you ever realized when do you actually rest? The answer is, you need it daily without designating a day.

Although sleeping is a form of rest, it is more for the body when you are so much tired and it is mostly in an unconscious state of mind. Not many of the teenagers are aware of their senses whilst sleeping; I’m certain that most of the adults are not too.

Mental rest is a must and especially to people of all ages. More specifically, conscious mental rest is a must to all people. Today, I’m going to unveil six methods for students on the ways to be free from distractions and get their mental health into good shape.

For students, it may sound difficult and even scary, but remember, it is very important to get your basics right as you are in your correct age for learning anything rapidly.

The prime, Meditation:

How many of you teenagers out there have even thought about meditation. I’m sure it is only going to be a handful of them, most likely because of their parents’ exercising habits. So this roots down to parents where they are supposed to get their buckles on and motivate their teen kids to meditate so as to settle down mentally and also avert their route of distractions.

Sitting in silence for 10 minutes daily will make them so vulnerable to attracting peace and confidence. This way, the teenagers wouldn’t long for the need of mobile phones, social media, television to keep them busy. While it is good to use all of them, too much of it is definitely going to spoil them and Meditation is the key to balance it right, most surprisingly, the students will themselves learn to balance and will set a timer for them. Meditation helps them relieve from the distraction by tricking the brain into releasing happy hormones called Dopamine which will make them happy, keep them occupied, and also help them understand their own self which in future, they will be proud of.


Ah, how much I love reading books. Be it from magazines to novels, I simply love reading. Research says that one’s mind can be trained to any level of perfection when reading. Any mind that follows reading religiously is sure to be in its clean and transparent state, avoiding confusion and mayhem, would be able to make clear and cut decisions, creative, genius, and also will show a lot of organized behavior and concentration power. This is the most preferred way of averting to distractions whilst at the same time, having the pleasure of a new whole world together. Reading will take one to a completely different world and the best part is the world where one would want to re-live over and over again.


Just like books, journaling is another effective way to stay away from artificial fancying of life. Maintaining a journal and listing the most important things, in fact, anything that one would want to clear out of their mind, will not get the teenager to clear that thought from the mind but will also help that person in achieving that. And hence, journaling.

Listening to Podcasts:

Yes, it is an energy booster to the mind and also a great learning tool. This will help them keep completely away from the external distractions and also listening to motivational talks, TED talks, podcasts, etc. will help them work towards a brighter future. The best practices and their learning methods will definitely get the students to learn new things thus mitigating the distraction.  


Exercising is a great way for alleviating distraction. When you exercise first thing in the morning, your mind will become fresh and hydrated and prepare you for the rest of the day. This way you will get your to-do list set for the day. As a student, most of the time would be in school but after and before school, your free time can be made the most out of it. And this is definitely the age of learning.

Learn a new Language:

This exercise is one of the best ways to keep yourself occupied for long. Learning a new language will boost your memory and also develop your intellect, thus making you good at decision making and intelligent. It has a multitude of benefits.

Students, what are you waiting for? Decide on your best distraction methods to start with and gradually start following all of them and you will realize in your adulthood that you had the best of your teen age.

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