January 15, 2019

Attune to a healthy lifestyle to discover the better you

Succumbing to a healthy lifestyle is one of the simplest things to do but the most difficult tasks these days. Though by definition – a healthy lifestyle  – includes everything from following a proper diet, keeping the body cool and healthy with enough exercise to it, stabilizing the mind, practicing compassion and empathy, and things like this, for me I would first vouch for stabilizing the mind because when the mind is clear and sure about what it wants to do, then we have everything under control. After all, everything that we do starts with the mind.

The mind has to give a go signal for us to be able to commence any task. This green cue from the mind will be further processed by the brain to analyzing it and carrying it the way the brain is habituated to doing it. Again, it all starts with the mind.

Our mind usually won’t allow us to move out of the comfort zone because of the difficulties it might have to adapt itself to the new habits. It means coming out of what is used to doing and the mind has got lazier, so to break the laziness out of the mind is the first step to a healthy lifestyle.

(i) Meditate

Yes, let us pledge ourselves into sitting in silence daily for at least 10 minutes to start off it. You will see the magic and apparently see you in increasing the 10 minutes to a longer time, eventually and most importantly, unforcefully. Observing our thoughts and fixing the mind into focussing on something like breath, a candle, inhale and exhale of lungs, movement of the abdomen, etc can increase our concentration big time and also declutter the mind, thus allowing us to think clearly and make better decisions.

(ii) Consume a variety of foods

Let’s start eating all the greens and herbs that nature has gifted us with. Research says that, for healthy health, we need to consume at least 40 various nutrients, and it cannot happen with just a single food. It is certainly not about a single meal, but about a mixed and a fair food choice over time will make that difference. So, let’s start.

(iii) Savor loads of fruits and vegetables

What fruits and veggies do to us is extremely magical. They are amongst the most significant foods for serving us with enough fibre, vitamins, and minerals. We should eat at least 5 servings per day, leave it to us to add it at regular intervals.

(iv) Eat regularly, curb the portion size

By skipping any meal of the day, we are going to invite trouble to our health. Skipping breakfast, especially, is going to ruin the whole day and that is why there is saying to eat breakfast like a king. And minding the portion size of food will not only help us in less consumption of calories but also allow us to eat all the foods we enjoy, without the need to discard any.

(v) Read a book

Wondering what a book can do to us. Well, if yes, read and find it out for yourselves. All I can vouch is reading will introduce you to a whole new world and will help you in living many lives. And the power it has to influence your thinking skills and memory is simply incredible. Eventually, we will see the new shape our mind would have taken us and we will be proud of ourselves for being to call better shots tangibly.

(vi) Maintain a journal

Journaling or writing regularly will help us know more about ourselves and also push us to achieve our dreams. It is like talking to self and understanding what we need for us.

(vii) Practice yoga and exercise

Exercising is important to both the mind and the body. It helps in flushing the toxins out of the body and mind and supplies with fresh oxygen.

Practicing yoga is very good for health and it is proven that yoga alleviates a lot of diseases and also completely cures it if practiced early. Exercising has equally good benefits and it is important we get it checked from a proper trainer before inculcating any exercise or yoga.

(viii) Habituate it

For a few, it may sound unnerving, a few would have fed with motivation already, a few vice versa – whatever be the present thought, it is mandatory that we get into habituating ourselves into following a  healthy lifestyle. We shouldn’t give up on it because we see it difficult. Again, it all starts with the mind, so let us start with meditation to train our mind and slowly talk into the following everything gradually.

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