December 19, 2018

What meditation does to the human body?

Meditation is getting popular day by day and the head counts that are inculcating meditation are rapidly increasing. The common folks have started realizing the benefits and they want to experience more of it and get all the goodness from it.

There are many forms of meditation that would align with your goals and also help in improving the quality of your life, even if you meditate for just a few minutes a day. It helps in realizing the things around you, spread love and positive vibes and creating awareness – both internally and outwardly. You will get to experience the real you. The types of meditation include:

  • Mindfulness meditation: This is the most common form of meditation where you just need to be aware of your breath and concentrate on every inhale and exhale.
  • Focused meditation: This is similar to mindfulness meditation whereas you get the option to put your complete focus on any of the five senses.
  • Movement meditation: This is a kind of meditation where you inhale calmness in any kind of movement that you are involved in – walking in a park, gardening, cycling, swimming, etc.
  • Spiritual meditation: The kind of meditation where your mind is given an opportunity to pose all questions to you and you realize them and answer one by one thus going into peace with your mind.
  • Mantra meditation: The most preached meditation where one is asked to continuously chant some mantra – most common, Ohm –and focus on the internal vibrations when producing the sound.
  • Transcendental meditation: Similar to mantra meditation, transcendental meditation holds fame for the individual attention it gives. The people who practice this type of meditation are given exclusive mantras to chant based on their birth time, star, etc.

Having known the types of meditation, let’s deep dive into the 9 extreme benefits that meditation does to your body.

+ Helps in Stress Reduction

The main effect of meditation and one of the reasons why it has become so popular is because it is great for reducing stress. Generally, the physical and the mental stress builds up due to increased levels of the stress hormone called Cortisol.  This hormone, in turn, releases inflammation-promoting chemicals called Cytokines, that is responsible for disrupting sleep, promoting anxiety and depression, increase in blood pressure, fatigue and clouded-thinking. In short, it induces everything that is not good for the body and mind.

+ More meditation less anxiety

Meditation is proven to lessen symptoms of anxiety disorders such as social anxiety, paranoid thoughts, It also has an effect of behaviors like anxiety disorders, such as social anxiety disorders, paranoid thoughts, phobias, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, and panic attacks. Daily meditation strengthens the muscles that cause work-related pressure and stress.

+ Promotes emotional health

Are you strong emotionally? Improved self-image and positive look towards everything is the most noted and highly regarded form of meditation. It helps in handling your emotions for good and bad and always keeps you calm to handle any situation, thoughtfully.

+ Enhances Self-awareness

How great would it sound when you realize or tell others that – you know yourself completely! Practice meditation and know yourself inch-by-inch and curb the vulnerability that you may have given to others in judging you or assuming the way you are according to their interest.

+ Protracts attention span

Meditation is attention inducer. Religious and regular practice of meditation bolsters your attention muscles and helps you in concentration and attention spans. You will see the difference for yourselves and would be able to identify the pre and post benefits of meditation.

+ Makes you compassionate and kind

Practicing meditation makes your mind and body subtle and always keeps you at ease. This will develop a loving-kindness towards everybody and understand the other person’s situation and act accordingly.

+ Helps in combatting addiction

Yes, you read it right. It definitely helps in battling addiction of any kinds – drugs, chocolates, shopping, food, etc. It induces the power of self-control completely in you and helps fight it. It detaches materialistic pleasures for you and helps you understand the real values of human being and its necessities.

+ Better sleep practices

A calm mind is a key to happiness. When your mind is calm and composed, your thoughts get very clear and vivid. This helps in proper sleep methods where your mind would have already got the habit of combatting depressing and junk thoughts.

+ Decreases Blood pressure

Meditation prohibits any kind of strain to your heart. The calmness that meditation helps in developing in your mind and body will aid you in handling any situation at ease.

High blood pressure makes it difficult for the heart to pump blood and that leads to poor heart functionioning. High blood pressure also accords to narrowing of the arteries and atherosclerosis,, which is the reason for strokes heart attacks – Meditation is the natural remedy to all of these.

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