January 10, 2019

Why you should try these yoga asanas as a cure to Diabetes and Cancer?

Yoga’s take on Diabetes

Yoga is always in the pompous news when it comes to curing or ailing Diabetes. Yoga can do more than just aiding you in relaxing your body and mind – especially if you are dealing with Diabetes.  

If you are looking at yoga as a cure to Diabetes, let me tell you, yoga can help in preventing further complications and help you balance the blood sugar levels and blood pressure from further worsening and in some cases, completely erase traces of Diabetes.

And for others, who are in the starting stages or haven’t found any traces at all but wants to stay out of it pre-cautiously as you suspect it or hold family history, you can definitely eschew from becoming a victim of Diabetes when you try certain poses regularly.

The larger role of yoga when it comes to dealing with Diabetes is to maintain the levels of blood pressure and blood sugar whilst also improving blood circulation. Regular practice will also aid in reducing your risk for other complications like heart disease.

The best beginning yoga for diabetes will include simple yoga asanas and breathing exercises aka Pranayam that are meticulously found out to explicitly target and foment the pancreas. By enhancing the blood flow levels to the pancreas, yoga asanas for diabetes replenish the organ’s cells in the human body and ameliorate its ability to produce insulin for the body.

Adopting yoga for a diabetes routine, in addition to allaying symptoms, can bring a new level of physical ease and also merits to overall well-being to your day. Ideally, the asanas for diabetes should be practiced definitely before meals but after intake of glucid liquids.

Practice can be done both in the morning and evening that can range between 40 and 60 minutes, depending on the individual’s interest and comfort. You definitely don’t want to strain so much in the beginning.

As a beginner, it is much recommended to kickstart with simple asanas so as to avoid heavy exertions. Commence by holding on each pose for about 5 seconds or even 10 and gradually increase in holding the pose for about a minute as you progress. This religious practice on the following simple moves mentioned can help you bring significant transformation in your life:

(i) Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose
(ii) Plow Pose
(iii) Child’s Pose
(iv) Reclining Bound Angle Pose
(v) Seated forward bend Pose
(iv) Bow Pose
(v) Supported shoulder stand
(vi) Upward-Facing Dog
(vii) Half Lord of the Fishes Pose
(viii) Supine spinal twist
(ix) Corpse Pose

Yoga’s take on Cancer

Cancer, in its various forms, is a battle by itself. The physical and mental impact of cancer and cancer treatments affects the quality of life and emotions in various ways. People experience symptoms such as devastating pain, prolonged fatigue, and nausea along with emotional distress – however, these symptoms are just the beginning.

As cancer develops, the sufferer gets into the extreme state of pain and the physical symptoms will start taking a different route.

Yoga – may not cure cancer – that deadly of a disease it is. But there are yoga asanas designed for cancer sufferers that are relaxing and calming so as to get them resilient. For the cancer sufferers who practice yoga, it would work as a lifesaver and a healer of pain in their highest discomforts. Regardless of their level of sickness, there are asanas that can be practiced as a therapy to assuage pain and give them a temporary relief.

Yoga helps in

– Washing out toxins
– Alleviating anxiety and stress
– An Exercise to become resilient
– A Holistic Healing to soothe and comfort during the distress

The recommended poses for cancer patients and survivors are

1. Half Sun Salutation:

The forward half bend posture warms up the body, stretches out the hips and enhances blood circulation.

2. Reclining Butterfly Pose:

The posture where one is supposed to lie on the floor and have their legs bent at the knee and facing towards each other alleviates tension in the shoulder and the chest. It is best effective for breast cancer recovery.

3. Legs Up The Wall:

In this pose, the individual will have their legs keeping perpendicular with the wall and body upto the hip resting on the floor and stretching hands loosely on the floor. This posture will improve blood circulation thus rejuvenating the body and the mind.

4. Cat-Cow Pose:

This posture where the individual resembles the postures of a cat in every inhale and that of a cow in every exhale gets to work on the flexibility of the spine and the back thus replenishing the entire body.

5. Corpse Pose:

Finally, this pose where the individuals are asked to lie on the floor releasing all the tension that they have acquired on to their body after practicing the above asanas will help in relaxing every nerve and muscle of the body.

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