February 07, 2019

Surrealism personified with Yoga Burn

Yoga Burn is a pedagogical yoga program that teaches you specific yoga poses. These yoga poses will help in toning your body whilst enhancing your body’s metabolism to ablaze fat. This is a sequential program that contains 3 phases and a strict line follow. You need to complete phase#1 so you can become an expert in phase#2. And complete phase#2 so you can become an expert in phase#3 and that’s it. Each of these yoga phases will take its time to show its benefits on you, nevertheless with regular practice, you will see notable results, yourselves.

The whole program is divided into 3 phases: Foundational Flow, Transitional Flow, and Mastery Flow. Each phase has its share of 4 videos – 1 instruction video, and 3 workout videos. The best part about Yoga Burn is that you don’t need to have known or practiced yoga earlier. If you are a beginner or a yoga veteran, the Yoga Burn program will have the same effects on each of you.

Yoga is practiced by a lot of people for its holistic benefits and healing effects on health. However, there is equally the other side of people who have been procrastinating from enduring yoga – unawareness, laziness, fear of adopting new practices in life, no time, etc etc. And by the time they realize their health have given up on them, especially women, it gets too late. As the saying goes, it is almost impossible to mend a dead clock.

With the fast-moving world – busy lives and stressful jobs are all that we can ask for. And are you wondering about allocating special time for yoga? Yes, I get that it is alarming, but I bet you can make it false alarms if you get very determined about your health. Point taken that it will be very difficult in the beginning, however, the benefits that you would see for yourselves will be worth it.

About Yoga Burn

The Yoga Burn approach makes it effortless to begin a yoga practice and to stick to it daily. You don’t need to be acquainted with yoga before. You can begin from whichever point you are comfortable with, master the basic moves and then excel on that. It is the secret to multiplying your yoga sessions multifold and attaining the resilience and strength that you have sought for, whilst working on your breathing, concentration, memory, and body toning.

The Mastermind behind Yoga Burn

Zoe Bray-Cotton, the creator of Yoga Burn,  is a certified yoga instructor, a certified personal trainer and a female fitness expert. She has mastered all dominant styles and forms of Yoga for over a decade now. She credits her mastery experience to most of the renowned gyms and yoga studios in North America.

#3 phases of Yoga Burn

Phase #1: Foundational Flow

Phase #1 goes with the name because you will be building a solid yoga foundation. With four weeks, the foundation phase will ensure you have developed a strong liking towards yoga, religious practice, lean muscles, body toning, some fun, and most importantly, mind-body connection. This phase will be your window key to make headway through the next two phases.

Phase #2: Transitional Flow

In phase #2, you will learn how to combine the moves from  Phase #1 in a more flexible flow that will allow you to shed more calories and get that heart rate up! Phase #1 would definitely have got you comfortable with the basic moves, and so you will have to coagulate both to push your body behind its comfortable horizon. The 3 workout videos – Upper body, Lower Body, and Core – lays light on large muscles groups. You will understand transitions from one pose to the next pose. This transitional learning will get you to focus on the present moment in lieu of monkey thoughts. This is similar to Loving-Kindness meditation. You will figure it once you are in this phase.

Phase #3: Mastery Flow

The name has its impact. Bringing in the practices from the previous phases into this master phase will leave you spellbound. You will have found your upsurge in metabolism and your body would have undergone such metamorphosis you may have never dreamt achievable with yoga!

Each video will be unique in this phase. There will be deliberate repetitions of few poses to empower the desired muscle to fatigue. With the aim to get more done in a shorter time, not to forget, healthy, the muscles would have really got accustomed to that kind of strenuousness, which will have you in the shape of an hourglass.

Phase 3 is precisely,  to spice things up, invigorate and revive your mental focus whilst fully inflating your weight loss results.

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