February 02, 2019

5 Yoga Asanas that will help you beat constipation

Let’s admit that we don’t like discussing our constipation problems. Howbeit it is a natural thing in daily lives, we feel awkward to be discussing our disturbed and hardened bowel movements. Argh, how can I tell that to my fellow colleague or a friend?

Being constipated really makes us uncomfortable. Not only will sitting become troublesome, but our belly will also augment to that trouble by stressing itself, feeling full and bloated, and distended. And when we want to get done with this problem, we see ourselves in the washroom feeling uncomfortable to discharge the bowels and how much ever we try to get rid of it, we would never feel it is completely done.

In medical methods, constipation is bracketed as discharging lesser than three stools a week, having hard stools, experiencing strain with bowel movements which otherwise will not be, and feeling like we haven’t evacuated our bowels completely.

And when our belly and body is enough to upset with this, we resort to self-advised pills and we become our own healers with ancient remedies. The hard truth is, they work as a quick fix only and we wouldn’t realize that we have something big for the future. Unless the problem is treated at its beginning, we are going to be facing this problem over and over again.

For a healthy bowel discharge, a regular routine of consuming a high-fiber diet full of vegetables and fruits, drinking enough water and having high essential fatty acid foods contribute to daily good health and are three big contributors for preventing constipation.

But did you know that there are exercises to ease constipation? – Yoga

Yes, Yoga helps in easing the discomfort and pain of such digestive troubles. Yoga is a remedy for constipation in two ways:

Managing stress

Primarily, yoga aids to manage your stress response. This will greatly enhance the functioning of your digestion system. Simply meditating and taking deep breaths will help you clear the blockages in your mind and body when you are all caught up or clouded. This can help you clear your present situation and move forward.

Digestive massage

Next, yoga rewards your digestive system via inversions, forward folds, and twisting poses. These poses rub down your digestive organs, supplement blood flow, and oxygen delivery, assist the process of peristalsis and promote stools to move through your system. With regular yoga practice, this will result in routine, healthy bowel movements.

If you are in the lookout for a natural way to alleviate your constipation, the poses mentioned below will help. Get your yoga pants on, roll your yoga mat and start!

(i) Adho Mukha Savasana (Downward Facing Dog)

This yoga is the perfect pose to treat constipation as it stretches your complete body and loosens any stress and tension accumulated. This will also aid in relieving any buildup in the digestive tract, moving things forward and derail constipation.

(ii) Matsyasana Twist (Seated Twist)

When you are practicing this seated twist asana, the healthy twist of your body spurs on your digestive tract and helps stimulate its detoxification.

This is one of the easiest and simplest yoga poses, thus serving the beginners for a great start.

(iii) Pavanamuktasana (Wind Relieving Pose)

When you are this yogic position, it means you practicing it for constipation and gas, especially. You may have to staple this yoga asana in your routine.

The name of this pose itself is substantiating its purpose. This position is best for emptying the air out and releasing gas. In addition, it works wonders to stimulate the small intestines, colon, and stomach, and that means aiding to the overall digestion.

(iv) Anjaneyasana (Crescent Twist)

This yoga asana distorts your body a tad more than the seated twisting positions and so, it is best for massaging the digestive tract and in aiding peristalsis condition to move food through the body.

(v) Balasana (Child’s Pose)

Like a child without any stress or anxiety, the purpose of this pose is to relieve them off. Over time, stress and tension accumulate in the mind and body and take a toll on your digestive health, bringing about constipation.

With chronically high levels of tension, uniformity in the bowel movements is close to impossible.

And child’s pose will be of rescue for all levels of yogis – beginner to advanced.

(vi) Savasana (Corpse Pose)

Finally, this is the pose to ease the healthy stress and the tension built in your body by having practiced the above yoga poses. Lie flat on the earth and notice the changes mindfully whilst closing your eyes. Regularly practice yoga to stay healthy and fit.

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