February 22, 2019

Stretches to bolster the relationship

Yoga – an ocean of only good health and wellness. It can be practiced by anyone and everyone of all ages. There is no restriction on the asanas depending on gender or age. In fact, the early one starts practicing yoga, the better are the benefits.

Yoga can be practiced individually or with your couple, and with your friend too. For those couples that are busy with work and find no time to spend together, you can use yoga as your bait. Yes, practicing yoga together will give you your private time, keep you happy and energetic, motivated and the longing to do more of it. Practicing yoga together will also keep you healthy and aware of each other mentally and physically. Developing this practice in the early stages of your relationship will be a great advantage. And if you have not started yet, it is the right time now.

I’ll walk you step by step on what yoga asanas can be practiced together to keep your relationship fresh, strong and lively. So, get your mats ready.


In this yoga asana, you and your partner will be required to sit opposite to each other by keeping your legs crossed and hands on your partner’s knees. If you are a first-timer or if either or both of you are not comfortable in the sitting position, having a pillow or a cushion to support your lower back can be adopted. Take a moment to genuinely see and smile at each other. This is because at times, we don’t really notice our loved ones and we forget to see their faces properly. And this will be a great chance to appreciate them and let them know that your happiness for being with them.

And gently close your eyes to breathe in and breathe out on your preferred counts.

Seated Cat Cow

Reach for each other’s forearms and braid, building a gentle bind or strengthening your bond. There must be equal resistance between the both of you when the shoulders are drawn back and down. Breathe in and raise your heart towards the sky to lengthen the spine, and allowing your head to arch back till your neck finds the position comfortable. As you breathe out, pull your chin to your chest and round your upper back, facing your belly button and widening your shoulder blades. Let the breath lead the way as you practice this flow through spinal flexion and extension at the same time.

Seated Spinal Twist

Roger centering position. Interlace your arms and reach for your partner’s hands. Twist from the base of your spine and use your partner’s and use your partner’s hand to tighten the twist. Ensure both of you are breathing steadily and loosen the discomfort by making adjustments to your position unless both find at ease. Inhale on the first twist and exhale while releasing the twist so you can inhale for the next side.

Back to Back Dialogue

Roger centering but with backs touching. Take a few deep breaths and shift your focus to feel your partner’s breath. Pay attention to how the breaths sync up and match one another to catch the flow. Agree on a time for both of you to speak your mind without interruption, judgment, acknowledgment or feedback. This is a powerful exercise to build your listening skills.

Back to Back Chair

Stand to touch your backs and calm your arms by the sides. Then begin to press firmly towards each other to maintain balance as you widen the feet to  hip-width apart. Gradually holding the firm push lower down as if you are sitting on a chair. Upon reaching the 90-degree angle with your knees, hold your breath for three to five steady counts. Again push into each other to stand. This asana influences body and mind to create a deeper sense of trust.

Lateral Side Bend

Strectch your feet wide apart on the floor and ensure your toes and the foot touch each other’s. The wider the stretch, the better the connection however ensure both of you are comfortable with the stretch. Reach for each other’s hand on the same side (either right to right or left to left) and try touching forearm to wrist. Breath in. On the exhale, bend sideways towards the stretched arm overhead. Side body stretching is important for building the space between the ribs and promoting fuller, deeper breaths.

The aforementioned yoga asanas are the basics that you can kickstart with your partner asap.

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