March 02, 2019

Getting into details of Yoga Nidra to deal with Anxiety

It is an artfully a simple practice. Yoga nidra is most often taught lying down on the earth — guided by a yoga teacher in the initial days. It is soothing and a calming appeal to everyone that practice yoga. Yoga nidra is in fact, the most favorite of many people who are intimidated by yoga postures and traditional meditation.

It is what you call ‘relaxing the body after a complete yoga workout’. There is no better relaxation method to this, by far. It can be practiced for a long time to as less as 10 minutes. The guided teacher will walk you through relaxing and calming every organ in the body cell by cell. The teacher will make it certain that you are in your senses whilst also feeling your body.

The various elements of yoga nidra taken together and practiced regularly will make up an experienced set of mind and body tools. This will help the practitioners navigate life’s harshest moments. Make yoga nidra a routine if you are seeking everyday well-being and good mental health.

In a literal yoga nidra practice, the teacher will guide the practitioners through various stages. You will start by developing an intention for yoga practice and your life. Then you will be taught to learn to concentrate and bring your awareness on your breath, emotions, thoughts, and bodily sensations. All throughout the session, you will be motivated to tap into the most underlying sense of peace that is always present in you. You will cultivate ‘witness consciousness’, become an excellent observant and welcoming everything that would come your way.

Yoga Nidra for Anxiety

Yoga Nidra assists employees to deal with stress in their workplace. It actually reaches to the parasympathetic response and reduces the sympathetic nervous system response that results in more mental, emotional, and physical relaxation. In other words, it means less anxiety.

How does this work actually?

We are bombarded with roles and responsibilities in our daily lives. As doing justice to our parents who helped us in becoming who we are,  we try utmost to always keep on top of our daily chores. We don’t consciously work on controlling our perpetual commitments. Instead, we keep going, fearing to get off the hamster wheel. Then we get exhausted by our commitments and increase our stress hormones. These constant high-stress levels cause anxiety.

The magic to deal with anxiety is Yoga nidra. Adopting this practice is allowing our body to systematically relax and calm down every cell of the body that is wanting to accomplish every moment. Our muscles will relax, our heart rate will slow down and most importantly, we will breathe.

With yoga nidra at practice, our accumulated stress hormones will not just ward off but it will aid our body release happy hormones that deal with anxiety. They are the GABA – an incredibly calming hormone, melatonin, and serotonin.

Unveiling inner joy

Yoga nidra is a wonderful, effective, proven deep relaxation method for anxiety, depression, panic, and stress. It is helpful in releasing tension and improving overall health. It is an indispensable tool for putting an end to all anxiety problems. Being a victim of anxiety involves dealing with an over-reactive and a falsely alert mind that is either waiting to pick up a fight.

The symptoms of an anxious mind include

  • incessant ruminating on negative thoughts
  • worrying about the future
  • working on all possibilities that could go wrong
  • not living the present
  • prolonged fatigue

Our mind creates our world. And that’s how the reaction pattern is drawn and it becomes the source of reaction.

Yoga nidra is highly effective in dealing with such brains. It actually helps and heals a negative mind to calm down and let go of negative thoughts. Regular practice of yoga nidra cultivates a settling sense of serenity and quietude. This tranquility in our mind will shun the negativity and give way for fresh positive thoughts to arise thus making us emotionally and mentally stable.

The best part about yoga nidra is that we would be able to feel for ourselves the transformation of who we were to what we are becoming. It will happen in a real meditative state where we will be conscious of the metamorphosis.

It enhances every nerve and cell – creativity, calmness, decision-making abilities, better thought process, and finally unveil the inner happiness, which we never knew existed.

Start practicing Yoga Nidra to relax your mind at any time of the day.

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